A Bend in the River

Historical Fiction

Author: V.S. Naipaul

Alternate cover for this ISBN can be found hereIn the “brilliant novel” (The New York Times) V.S. Naipaul takes us deeply into the life of one man—an Indian who, uprooted by the bloody tides of Third World history, has come to live in an isolated town at the bend of a great river in a newly independent African nation. Naipaul gives us the most convincing and disturbing vis….Read More

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Midnight’s Children

Saleem Sinai was born at midnight, the midnight of India's independence, and found himself mysteriously "handcuffed to history" by the coincidence. He is one of 1,001 children born at the… Continue Reading Posted in: Alien Invasion Science Fiction, Epic Literature, First Contact Science Fiction eBooks, Islam, Paranormal Fiction

A House for Mr Biswas

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The Heart of the Matter

In a British colony in West Africa, Henry Scobie is a pious and righteous man of modest means enlisted with securing borders. But when he’s passed over for a promotion… Continue Reading Posted in: Africa, English Fiction, Literary Criticism, Police, West

Of Human Bondage

"It is very difficult for a writer of my generation, if he is honest, to pretend indifference to the work of Somerset Maugham," wrote Gore Vidal. "He was always so… Continue Reading Posted in: English Fiction, Orphans, Waitresses

Half a Life

Willy Chandran's father married a low caste woman, and soon came to loathe the sight of her. From this unhappy union, Willy and his sister were born. It is from… Continue Reading Posted in: Authors, History, Portugal, Trinidadian

The Mystic Masseur

The Mystic Masseur, V S Naipaul's first novel, is the story of the rise and rise of Ganesh, from failed primary school teacher and struggling masseur to author, revered mystic… Continue Reading Posted in: English Fiction, Successful People, Trinidad And Tobago


A gripping tale of capitalist exploitation and rebellion, set amid the mist-shrouded mountains of a fictional South American republic, employs flashbacks and glimpses of the future to depict the lure… Continue Reading Posted in: Fiction In English, Literature & Fiction in German, Political Fiction, South America

The Razor’s Edge

Larry Darrell is a young American in search of the absolute. The progress of this spiritual odyssey involves him with some of Maugham's most brillant characters - his fiancee Isabel,… Continue Reading Posted in: Fiction, Voyages And Travels, World War (1914 1918)

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Giants in the Earth

Giants in the Earth (Norwegian: Verdens Grøde) is a novel by Norwegian-American author Ole Edvart Rølvaag. First published in Norway as two books in 1924 and 1925, the author collaborated… Continue Reading Posted in: Beret (Fictitious Character), Contemporary Literature & Fiction, Cultural Heritage Fiction, Frontier And Pioneer Life, Holm, Norwegian Americans

Life and Times of Michael K

In a South Africa torn by civil war, Michael K sets out to take his mother back to her rural home. On the way there she dies, leaving him alone… Continue Reading Posted in: Biographical Fiction, Biographical Literary Fiction, Psychological Aspects, South Africa, South African Fiction (English)

A Passage To India

When Adela Quested and her elderly companion Mrs Moore arrive in the Indian town of Chandrapore, they quickly feel trapped by its insular and prejudiced 'Anglo-Indian' community. Determined to escape… Continue Reading Posted in: British Social Life And Customs, English Fiction, Race Relations

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