A Certain Chemistry


Author: Mil Millington

Brooding, self-loathing Tom Cartwright is a modestly successful ghostwriter whose ability to spell correctly and meet his deadlines has landed him the job of writing the autobiography of the wildly popular soap-opera star Georgina Nye. His imbibing, chain-smoking agent is swooning, and his offbeat, sweetly supportive live-in girlfriend of five years, Sara, is ecstatic—new….Read More

6 Books Similar to A Certain Chemistry

The Birth House

Dora Rare is the first female to be born in five generations of Rares. As a child in a small village in Nova Scotia, she is befriended by Miss Babineau,… Continue Reading Posted in: Childbirth, Fiction, Women Apprentices

Foreskin’s Lament

Shalom Auslander was raised with a terrified respect for God. Even as he grew up and was estranged from his community, his religion and its traditions, he could not find… Continue Reading Posted in: Biography, Jewish Authors, Jewish Orthodox Movements, Judaism

The Colony of Unrequited Dreams

The Colony of Unrequited Dreams, a Canadian bestseller, is a novel about Newfoundland that centres on the story of Joe Smallwood, the true-life controversial political figure who ushered the island… Continue Reading Posted in: Biographical Fiction, Newfoundland And Labrador, Politics And Government

Letters to a Young Contrarian

From bestselling author and provocateur Christopher Hitchens, the classic guide to the art of principled dissent and disagreementIn Letters to a Young Contrarian, bestselling author and world-class provocateur Christopher Hitchens… Continue Reading Posted in: Dialect Literature, Dissenters, Opposition, Theory Of

A Complicated Kindness

Nomi Nickel lives with her father, Ray, in East Village, a small Mennonite town in Manitoba. She dreams of escaping to the big city, but since her mother and sister… Continue Reading Posted in: Contemporary American Fiction, Contemporary Literature & Fiction, Domestic Fiction, Manitoba, Social Life And Customs

The Outlander

In 1903 a mysterious young woman flees alone across the West, one heart-pounding step ahead of the law. At nineteen, Mary Boulton has just become a widow—and her husband's killer.… Continue Reading Posted in: Adventure Stories, Fiction, Women Murderers

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