All About Laura


Author: Susannah Bates

Mel Ashton – hardworking and responsible – is tired of her image. Bored with her flat and exasperated by her job, Mel is thinking about making a few changes to her life. The only thing she’s not planning to quit is her relationship with David. The trouble is that David – a talented artist – likes Mel just the way she is. He likes her rational approach to life. He is impres….Read More

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Village Of Stone

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To My Daughter In France

And to my daughter in France, I bequeath the remainder of my Estate',,These words, read from the will of Irish academic Richard Kirwan, come as a complete surprise to his… Continue Reading Posted in: Cultural, Fiction, Romance

Nudist On The Late Shift

Entrepreneurs and tech wizards, immigrants and investors, dreamers and visionaries are heading West to seek their fortune.Their Mecca is Silicon Valley - where one person can achieve so much with… Continue Reading

The Maze

Anatolia, 1922. A retreating Greek brigade has lost its way. Pursued by a Turkish army seeking vengeance for three years of Greek occupation, and commanded by a brigadier with a… Continue Reading Posted in: Cultural, Fiction, Historical

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