All the Colours of the Town


Author: Liam McIlvanney

When Glasgow journalist Gerry Conway receives a phone call promising unsavoury information about Scottish Justice Minister Peter Lyons, his instinct is that this apparent scoop won’t warrant space in The Tribune . But as Conway’s curiosity grows and his leads proliferate, his investigation takes him from Scotland to Belfast. Shocked by the sectarian violence of the past, a….Read More

3 Books Similar to All the Colours of the Town

Where the Dead Men Go

After three years in the wilderness, hardboiled reporter Gerry Conway is back at his desk at the Glasgow Tribune. But three years is a long time on newspapers and things… Continue Reading Posted in: Mystery

The Big Man

The basis of a film starring Liam Neeson, the story of a violent man locked in a struggle with his own nature and background,,The big man is Dan Scoular, a… Continue Reading Posted in: Cultural, Fiction

The Comfort of Strangers

Colin and Mary are a couple whose intimacy knows no bounds. Away on a holiday together in a nameless city, they get lost one evening in a labyrinth of streets… Continue Reading Posted in: Murder, Thrillers, Vacations

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