Anatasia Syndrome and Other Stories (Adult Fiction II)


Author: Mary Higgins Clark

Trapped in her 17th-century past, a brilliant writer exacts an ancient revenge in the present century as a child wanders, lost and alone in New York and a lottery ticket turns up a winning combination of love and death…..Read More

11 Books Similar to Anatasia Syndrome and Other Stories (Adult Fiction II)

The Lottery Winner: Alvirah and Willy Stories

Alvirah Meehan, one of Mary Higgins Clark's most beloved characters, returns in these dazzling, intertwined tales of sleuthing and suspense. Alvirah, the former cleaning lady who struck it rich in… Continue Reading Posted in: American, Detective And Mystery Stories, Married People, Short Stories

Deck the Halls

Mary Higgins Clark, America's Queen of Suspense, has joined forces with her daughter, bestselling author Carol Higgins Clark, to create a brilliant and exciting story of high stakes, intrigue and… Continue Reading Posted in: American Literature (Kindle Store), Women Sleuths (Kindle Store)

Moonlight Becomes You

Newport, Rhode Island: a world of old money, old names, and sinister secrets. Maggie Holloway, a fashion photographer, goes to visit a woman who had once been her stepmother, but… Continue Reading Posted in: Psychological Fiction (Kindle Store), Psychological Thrillers (Kindle Store)


Years after his escape, posing as scholarly Dr. Fell, curator of a grand family's palazzo, Hannibal lives the good life in Florence, playing lovely tunes by serial killer/composer Henry VIII… Continue Reading Posted in: Mentally Ill Offenders, Serial Murders, Victims

My Gal Sunday

Imagine Nick and Nora Charles with a taste for politics and none for gin, and you'd be pretty close to Mary Higgins Clark's Henry Parker Britland IV and his attractive… Continue Reading Posted in: Fictional Works, Political Thrillers & Suspense, Suspense Fiction, Women Legislators, Women Sleuths (Kindle Store)

Before I Say Good-Bye

When Nell MacDermott learns that her husband, Adam Cauliff, died when his boat exploded, she's not only devastated but also wracked with guilt. The last time she'd seen him, they'd… Continue Reading Posted in: Psychological Fiction (Books)

Weep No More, My Lady

The New York Times calls Mary Higgins Clark's masterpiece "the ideal book for the beach bag, picnic hamper, or carry-on luggage." "Well done and very scary," says Cosmopolitan. Prepare yourself… Continue Reading Posted in: California, Detective And Mystery Stories, Suspense Fiction

Where Are The Children?

The setting is peaceful, the children are enchanting, the parents a delightful couple - then the agony begins. The children disappear, their mother's past is raked up, and the terrible… Continue Reading Posted in: Children Death, Detective And Mystery Stories, Suspense Fiction

The Cradle Will Fall

This hospital-based horror tale features abduction and a research project that violates every principle of modern medicine. This is a reissue of a novel by a popular author often described… Continue Reading Posted in: Detective And Mystery Stories, Malpractice, Medical Thrillers (Books), Suspense Fiction, Women Sleuths (Books)

While My Pretty One Sleeps

Gossip columnist Ethel Lambston knew everything about everybody who was somebody, and her forthcoming book is about to expose the leading figures in the fashion world. So there are more… Continue Reading Posted in: Clothing Trade, English Fiction, United States

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