Crime Fiction (Kindle Store)

Author: Lyndon Stacey

The blindfold was a major hindrance. So much depended on body language with animals- Without it, it felt uncomfortably like a game of Russian roulette.’, , Gideon Blake, artist and animal behaviourist, is used to dealing with distressed and unpredictable animals. But on one cold February night he is faced with the challenge of his life. Abducted from his home, handcuffed and….Read More

6 Books Similar to Blindfold

Stronger Than Death

Sometimes tragedies come in waves - Eric, climbing alone, Joey, drunk and choking, and finally a statistician overdosing. Three is a series, not a coincidence: three men dead, three colleagues… Continue Reading Posted in: Crime Fiction (Kindle Store), Mysteries (Kindle Store)

Songs of the Humpback Whale: A Novel in Five Voices

This first novel interweaves five rich narrative voices to tell a story of love, pain, and self-discovery. A work that questions how songs are passed down between male speakers and… Continue Reading Posted in: Contemporary, Fiction, Women's Fiction

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