Borges and the Eternal Orang-Utans


Author: Luis Fernando Verissimo

This work is a hilarious spoof on literary/academic conferences, and a brilliant ‘Borgesian’ mystery. Vogelstein is a loner who has always lived among books. Suddenly, fate grabs hold of his insignificant life and carries him off to Buenos Aires, to a conference on Edgar Allan Poe, the inventor of the modern detective story. There Vogelstein meets his idol, Jorge Luis Borg….Read More

10 Books Similar to Borges and the Eternal Orang-Utans


If Cyd Charisse knows one thing, it's that Shrimp is her true love. Shrimp, the hottest pint-size surfer-artist in San Francisco - or 'that boy' as her mother calls him.… Continue Reading Posted in: Interpersonal Relations, Surfers, Young Adult Fiction

Lucky T

Carrie Fitzgerald is the luckiest girl: She is the only sophomore on the varsity basketball team, she always had the lead in the school play, and she has the cutest… Continue Reading Posted in: Superstition, Teenagers, Young Adult Fiction

The Inverted World

The city is winched along tracks through a devastated land full of hostile tribes. Rails must be freshly laid ahead of the city & carefully removed in its wake. Rivers… Continue Reading Posted in: English Fiction, Fiction In English 1900 Texts

Next Summer

Things are heating up again. Can you handle it?The SUMMER BOYS girls are back for another dose of sizzling drama. Will soul mates Beth and George be able to maintain… Continue Reading Posted in: California, Young Adult Fiction

Startled by His Furry Shorts!

Sound the Cosmic Horn! Bestselling author Louise Rennison's seventh book of the confessions of crazy but loveable teenager Georgia Nicolson is out in PB! Continue Reading Posted in: Children's Stories, Humorous Stories, Young Adult Fiction

The Stonekeeper

There's something strange behind the basement door...After a family tragedy, Emily, Navin and their mother move to an ancestral home to start a new life. On the family's very first… Continue Reading Posted in: Children's Stories Comic Books, Etc.), Fantasy Comic Books, Single Parent Families, Strips

Collected Fictions

Jorge Luis Borges has been called the greatest Spanish-language writer of our century. Now for the first time in English, all of Borges' dazzling fictions are gathered into a single… Continue Reading Posted in: Caribbean & Latin American Literature, Classic American Literature, Fiction, Short Stories

The Hour of the Star

A novel about a young female anti-heroine living in the slums of Rio de Janeiro. Continue Reading Posted in: Classics, Cultural, Fiction

Dona Flor and Her Two Husbands

When Dona Flor's husband dies suddenly, she forgets all his defects and remembers only his passion. Erotic nightmares haunt her. Dr Teodoro, a local pharmacist, proposes marriage and Dona Flor… Continue Reading Posted in: Cultural, Fiction, Magical Realism

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