Cally’s War

Author: John Ringo

Cally O’Neal was trained from childhood as a premier killer. Officially listed as dead, for the past forty years she has lived a life of aliases, random lovers and targeted assassinations. This has led her to become the top in her profession, undefeatable, invulnerable. And in the process, she has lost her soul. Now she, and the man she loves, must battle to reclaim it. Bu….Read More

9 Books Similar to Cally’s War

Changer of Worlds

WELCOME AGAIN TO THE MANY WORLDS OF HONORLady Dame Honor Harrington—starship captain, admiral, Steadholder, and Duchess—has spent decades defending the Star Kingdom of Manticore against all comers. Along the way,… Continue Reading Posted in: American, Military Science Fiction, Science Fiction, Science Fiction Anthologies, Women Air Pilots

When the Devil Dances

After five years of battling invaders, human civilization prepares a strike to drive the aliens from the Earth. But the Clan-Lord of the Sten has learned from the defeats humans… Continue Reading Posted in: Human Alien Encounters

The Far Side of the Stars

While Cinnabar is at peace with the Alliance, warriors like Lt Daniel Leary and Signals Officer Adele Mundy must find other work - and escort nobles in the Princess Cecile.… Continue Reading Posted in: Adele (Fictitious Character), Daniel (Fictitious Character), Leary, Literature & Fiction, Military Science Fiction, Mundy

Gust Front

Thanks to human valor and alien technology, the Posleen were fought to a standstill. But the invasion of Earth is just months away Only these shell-shocked survivors can save the… Continue Reading Posted in: Human Alien Encounters, Space Warfare

Paying the Piper

Colonel Alois Hammer: to the galaxy, a legendary commander of mercenaries. To his troops, a leader who can be trusted to always back them to the hilt - and meet… Continue Reading Posted in: Hard Science Fiction, Life On Other Planets, Space Warfare

Grantville Gazette, Volume I

Ed Piazza, the Secretary of State of the small United States being forged in war-torn Germany during the Thirty Years War, has a problem on his hands. A religious conference… Continue Reading Posted in: 1618 1648, Bibliography, Short Stories, Thirty Years' War

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