Author: Richard Price

Novelist and Academy Award–nominated screenwriter Richard Price’s bestselling second novel offers “an unforgettable picture of inner-city decay and despair” (USA Today),At once an intense mystery and a revealing study of two men, a veteran homicide detective and an innercity crack dealer, on opposite sides of an endless war. Clockers is “powerful . . . harrowing . . . r….Read More

6 Books Similar to Clockers

Lush Life

"Price is the greatest writer of dialogue, living or dead, this country has ever produced. Wry, profane, hilarious, and tragic, sometimes in a single line, Lush Life is his masterwork.… Continue Reading Posted in: Fiction, Murder Investigation

City of Thieves

From the critically acclaimed author of The 25th Hour, a captivating novel about war, courage, survival — and a remarkable friendship that ripples across a lifetime.During the Nazis’ brutal siege… Continue Reading Posted in: Fiction, Military Historical Fiction, Reminiscing In Old Age, Social Conditions, War Fiction

Presumed Innocent

Set in America, this story draws on crime, police procedure and the courtroom. The central character, working in the State Prosecutor's office of a large American city, is investigating the… Continue Reading Posted in: American Fiction, American Literature, Public Prosecutors

Sophie’s World

An alternative cover for this ISBN can be found here,,One day fourteen-year-old Sophie Amundsen comes home from school to find in her mailbox two notes, with one question on each:… Continue Reading Posted in: Classics, Fiction, Philosophy

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