Deathgate Cycle (Death Gate Cycle)

Author: Margaret Weis

On steamy Pryan, never-ending sunlight and plentiful rain have created a jungle so vast that humans and elves dwell high in the trees and only dwarves live anywhere near the ground. From the treetops the aristocratic elves sell weapons to the other races, whose incessant warfare sends a steady steam of profits and essential resources skyward. Now, generations of dissent an….Read More

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Wrath of a Mad God

Fantastik kurgunun ustalarından Raymond E. Feist, Karanlık Savaş Efsanesi’nin üçüncü ve son kitabıyla karşımızda…“Hepiniz Gedik Savaşı’nın neden patlak verdiğini biliyorsunuz. Dolayısıyla, zaten bildiğiniz bir şey hakkında size vaaz vermeyeceğim. Politik… Continue Reading Posted in: American, Fantasy Fiction, Wizards

The Seventh Gate

The Seventh Gate is the thrilling conclusion to the New York Times bestselling Death Gate Cycle by Margaret Weis and Tracy Hickman. In this tale of treachery, power, and heroism,… Continue Reading Posted in: Death Gate Universe (Imaginary Place), Fantasy Fiction

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