Author: Jack McDevitt

In the year 2204, tragedy and terror forced a scientific team to prematurely evacuate Maleiva Ill. Twenty-one years later, the opportunity for scientists to study this galactic rarity—a life-supporting planet—is about to vanish forever as a rogue gas giant has invaded the planetary system on a deadly collision course with the world they are now calling Deepsix.A superlumin….Read More

10 Books Similar to Deepsix


The Alliance has been fighting the Syndics for a century--and losing badly. Now its fleet is crippled and stranded in enemy territory. Their only hope is a man who's emerged… Continue Reading Posted in: Prisoners Of War, Space Warfare


On a routine survey mission studying a neutron star, an Academy starship receives a transmission in an unknown language. Before leaving the area, the starship launches a series of satellites… Continue Reading Posted in: Interplanetary Voyages, Interstellar Communication, Twenty Third Century


Loki is a mercenary ship and bounty hunter. Bet Yeager is a killer elite Earth Company Marine whose side lost. Now she is forced to escape aboard Loki, surrounded by… Continue Reading Posted in: American, English Fiction, Science Fiction, United States


To boost waning interest in interstellar travel, a mission is sent into deep space to learn the truth about "moonriders," the strange lights supposedly being seen in nearby systems. But… Continue Reading Posted in: Interplanetary Voyages, Journalists, Life On Other Planets, Science Fiction Adventure, Technothrillers


Deep within Syndicate World space, the Alliance fleet continues its dangerous journey home under the command of Captain John "Black Jack" Geary - revived after a century spent in suspended… Continue Reading Posted in: Space Ships, Space Warfare


The Lost Fleet continues its perilous journey home. Badly damaged and low on supplies, the Alliance Fleet is raiding Syndic mines for raw materials-and Captain "Black Jack" Geary hopes they… Continue Reading Posted in: Extraterrestrial Beings, Imaginary Wars And Battles


The national best-selling author brings back the daring Alex Benedict from A Talent for War and thrusts him into a far-future tale of mystery and suspense. Continue Reading Posted in: Alex (Fictitious Character), Benedict, Crime Action Fiction, Space Ships, Time Travel Science Fiction

A Talent for War

Christopher Sim changed mankind's history forever when he forged a rag-tag group of misfits into the weapon that broke the alien Ashiyyur. But now, one man believes Sim was a… Continue Reading Posted in: American Writers, Cyberpunk Science Fiction, Fiction In English, Time Travel Science Fiction

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