Doctor Who: Subterfuge


Author: Helen Goldwyn

London, 1945. Winston Churchill campaigns for re-election. His new strategic adviser assures him that Britain has a bright future under his continued leadership. It’s a vote he can’t possibly lose. But the Doctor knows that he must.,,The Monk is meddling, altering history for his own selfish ends. With spies and aliens in the mix, Winston realises victory may not be so simpl….Read More

6 Books Similar to Doctor Who: Subterfuge

Doctor Who: Cry of the Vultriss

Violently ejected from the Space-Time Vortex, the TARDIS crash lands on the remote planet of Cygia-Rema, a mountainous world ruled by the bird-like Vultriss. Their newly-crowned Queen Skye is expecting… Continue Reading Posted in: Media Tie In, Science Fiction

Doctor Who: Time Apart

Separated from his companions, the Doctor attempts to find solace in the history of his favourite planet – Earth – but instead discovers new threats lying in wait.,,Travelling from twentieth-century… Continue Reading Posted in: Media Tie In

Doctor Who: Thin Time / Madquake

Thin Time by Dan Abnett,,Hallowe’en, 1892. Celebrated novelist Charles Crookshap claims to have been receiving time communiqués, promising secrets that could change the world forever. But when the TARDIS interrupts… Continue Reading Posted in: Audiobook, Media Tie In, Science Fiction

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