Family Happiness

The Lone Pilgrim

Author: Laurie Colwin

Polly is a happy wife and mother from a remarkable strong and attractive family — until one day she finds herself entagled in a completely unexpected, sweet, yet painful, love affair with a painter named Lincoln Bennett.  All of Polly’s beliefs about herself explode, uprooting what had seemed to be a settled — and everlasting — idea of family happiness…..Read More

4 Books Similar to Family Happiness

Possessing The Secret Of Joy

When Alice Walker finished writing The Color Purple she realised that she needed to tell the story of Tashi, a minor character, who had "left Africa but had taken her… Continue Reading Posted in: African American Historical Fiction, African American Literary Fiction, American Fiction, Bibliography, Twentieth Century

Happy All the Time

Guido and Vincent are childhood best friends—third cousins, really—living in Cambridge and dreaming about their futures. Guido plans to write poetry while Vincent feels confident he will win a Nobel… Continue Reading

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