Faust Among Equals

Paranormal & Urban Fantasy

Author: Tom Holt

The management buy-out of Hell wasn’t going quite as well as had been hoped. For a start, there had been that nasty business with the perjurors, and then came the news that the Most Wanted Man in History had escaped, and all just as the plans for the new theme park, EuroBosch, were underway…..Read More

9 Books Similar to Faust Among Equals

Lords and Ladies

THE FAIRIES ARE BACK - BUT THIS TIME THEY DON'T JUST WANT YOUR TEETH...Granny Weatherwax and her tiny coven are up against real elves.It's Midsummer Night.No times for dreaming...With full… Continue Reading Posted in: Fantastic Fiction, Humorous Stories, Science Fiction


Fifteen hundred years have passed and the Holy Grail is still missing, presumed ineffable. The knights have dumped the quest and now deliver pizzas, while the sinister financial services of… Continue Reading Posted in: English Fiction, General Humorous Fiction, Grail, Paranormal & Urban Fantasy

Odds And Gods

It's a god's life... ...at the Sunnyvoyde Residential Home for retired deities. Everlasting life can be a real drag when all you've got to look forward to is cauliflower cheese… Continue Reading Posted in: English Fiction, General Humorous Fiction, Paranormal & Urban Fantasy

Country Of The Blind

The murder of a media moghul in his country mansion appears to be the result of him disturbing a gang of would-be thieves. The robbers are swiftly caught, but when… Continue Reading Posted in: British & Irish Humor & Satire, Detective And Mystery Stories, Political Corruption, Political Thrillers & Suspense, Scotland Edinburgh

The Sacred Art of Stealing

Let us prey …The press tend to talk about bank robberies as being daring, ingenious and audacious. They don’t describe many as Dadaist, even the ones who know what ‘Dadaist’… Continue Reading Posted in: Art Thieves, Bank Robberies, Mystery, Suspense Fiction, Thriller & Suspense


DISCWORLD GOES TO WAR, WITH ARMIES OF SARDINES, WARRIORS, FISHERMEN, SQUID AND AT LEAST ONE VERY CAMP FOLLOWER.As two armies march, Commander Vimes of Ankh-Morpork City Watch faces unpleasant foes… Continue Reading Posted in: Fantastic Fiction, Humorous Fantasy, Humorous Stories


And Grimma said, We have two choices. We can run, or we hide. And they said, Which shall we do? She said, We shall Fight. A Bright New Dawn is… Continue Reading Posted in: Children's Stories, Gnomes, Juvenile Fiction

Expecting Someone Taller

All he did was run over a badger - sad, but hardly catastrophic. But it wasn't Malcolm Fisher's day, for the badger turned out to be none other than Inglof,… Continue Reading Posted in: Action & Adventure Fantasy, English Fiction, Gods, Humorous Fantasy

Flying Dutch

It's amazing the problems drinking can get you into. One little swig from the wrong bottle and you go from being an ordinary Dutch sea-captain to an unhappy immortal, drifting… Continue Reading Posted in: English, English Fiction, General Humorous Fiction, Humorous Stories, Paranormal & Urban Fantasy

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