Flinx in Flux

Galactic Empire Science Fiction eBooks

Author: Alan Dean Foster

Knight errant.Flinx and his amazing minidrag Pip were always finding themselves in the middle of danger and galactic intrigue, so when they found an unconscious young woman on a riverbank deep in the jungles of Alaspin, Flinx wasn’t surprised. Nor was he shocked to learn that the woman, Clarity Held, was a brilliant scientist, abducted from a remote outpost on inhospitable….Read More

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Phule’s Company

In the novel that started all the phulishness, meet the soldiers of Captain Willard Phule's Company--a handful of military rejects able to do more damage before 9 a.m. than most… Continue Reading Posted in: Colonization Science Fiction eBooks, English Fiction, Humorous Science Fiction, United States

For Love of Mother-Not

He was just a freckle-faced, redheaded kid with green eyes and a strangely compelling stare when Mather Mastiff first saw him an the auctioneer's block. One hundred credits and he… Continue Reading Posted in: 1945, American Writers, Fantasy Adventure Fiction, Science Fiction Adventure


Born was a child of the rain forest that covered Midworld, part of the primitive society that the peaceful jungle planet had sustained for hundreds of years. He was wise… Continue Reading Posted in: 1900, Fiction In English

The Tar-Aiym Krang

There is a prequel called For Love of Mother-Not.Moth was a beautiful planet, the only one with wings -- two great golden clouds suspended in space around it.Here was a… Continue Reading Posted in: 1900, American Writers, Classic Action & Adventure, Life On Other Planets, Space Opera Science Fiction


At first Killashandra Ree's ambitions to become a Crystal Singer, get rich, and forget her past, were going just as she had hoped. But after she grew wealthy, a devastating… Continue Reading Posted in: American, Fantasy Adventure Fiction, Fiction In English American Writers 1945 Texts, Science Fiction, Space Opera Science Fiction


The second book to be published in the Pip & Flinx Adventures, Bloodhype should be read as book #10.It caused instant addiction, followed by an excruciating slow death, and there… Continue Reading Posted in: English Fiction, Fantasy Adventure Fiction, Flinx (Fictitious Character), One-Hour Science Fiction & Fantasy Short Reads, Science Fiction

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