Florence of Arabia

Supreme Courtship

Author: Christopher Buckley

Florence Farfarletti has a bold plan for female emancipation in the Middle East and enlists the assistance of a motley team of ”activists” to help her carry out her plan of reaching her audience with TV shows…..Read More

11 Books Similar to Florence of Arabia

Presumed Innocent

Set in America, this story draws on crime, police procedure and the courtroom. The central character, working in the State Prosecutor's office of a large American city, is investigating the… Continue Reading Posted in: American Fiction, American Literature, Public Prosecutors

No Way To Treat A First Lady

Why does talk in families so often go in circles, leaving us tied up in knots? Linguist Deborah Tannen reveals why talk among adult family members so often leads to… Continue Reading Posted in: Fiction, Satire, Trials (Murder)

Three Great Novels: The Last Coyote / Trunk Music / Angels Flight (Harry Bosch, #4-6)

THE LAST COYOTESuspended from the LAPD pending psychiatric treatment Bosch has time on his hands and opens the ancient file on his mother's death. He discovers that the flames of… Continue Reading Posted in: American Literature, Fiction, Kidnapping, Police Procedurals, Private Investigators

Strip Tease

The Eager Beaver is not just a topless fun palace in the heart of Florida's swamp, but the backdrop to the juiciest scandal in Miami. It begins with the sex-addled… Continue Reading Posted in: American Humorous Fiction, English Fiction, Humorous American Literature, United States

Skinny Dip

Joey Perrone is a woman with a mission. She's just been pushed overboard from a cruise liner by Chaz, her scumbag husband, and survived to tell the tale. But rather… Continue Reading Posted in: Agricultural Industries, Dark Humor, Detective And Mystery Stories, Satire Fiction, Suspense Fiction

The General’s Daughter

Captain Ann Campbell is a West Point graduate, the daughter of legendary General "Fighting Joe" Campbell. She is the pride of Fort Hadley until, one morning, her body is found,… Continue Reading Posted in: Fictional Works, Mystery Fiction, United States. Army


Outraged over the mounting Social Security debt, Cassandra Devine, a charismatic 29-year-old blogger and member of Generation Whatever, incites massive cultural warfare when she politely suggests that Baby Boomers be… Continue Reading Posted in: Fiction, Humor & Entertainment, Humorous Stories, Political Humor, United States

Thank You for Smoking

This is a wickedly funny book. It is a non-politically correct attack on the tobacco industry and those who oppose it. Other titles by this author include 'Wet Work' and… Continue Reading Posted in: Cooking Humor, Fiction, Humorous Stories, Lobbyists, Political Fiction (Kindle Store)

Little Green Men

John is convinced that he was abducted from his exclusive golf club by aliens. When he is kidnapped a second time, he realises he has been chosen to spearhead a… Continue Reading Posted in: Fiction, Humorous Stories, Satire, Satire Fiction, Unidentified Flying Objects Sightings And Encounters


The adventures of Misha Vainberg, the 325-pound son of the 1,238th-richest man in Russia, as he struggles to return to his true love in the South Bronx. Continue Reading Posted in: Fiction, Humorous Stories, Lawyers & Criminals Humor, Political Fiction

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