For the Love of Venice

Author: Donna Jo Napoli

Romance and political action set against the mystery and beauty of modern-day Venice, Italy. Percy is reluctant to accompany his family to Venice for the summer until he meets Graziella, a beautiful and passionate girl who leads him into another Venice, one that tourists never see. Venice was once a great power. Today, much of it belongs to foreigners. Through Graziella, P….Read More

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The Boy Book: A Study of Habits and Behaviors, Plus Techniques for Taming Them

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A Different Drummer: My Thirty Years with Ronald Reagan

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I Am the Wallpaper

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Johnny Tremain

Johnny Tremain, a young apprentice silversmith, is caught up in the danger and excitement of 1775 Boston, just before the Revolutionary War. But even more gripping than living through the… Continue Reading Posted in: Boston Tea Party, For Children, History, Teen & Young Adult United States Colonial & Revolutionary Period Historical Fiction, Teen & Young Adult US Colonial & Revolutionary Fiction eBooks

The Queen of Everything

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Daughter Of Venice

Donata, die Tochter einer reichen und angesehenen Familie, weiß, dass ihr ein Leben im Kloster vorbestimmt ist. Aber bevor sie für immer hinter dicken Mauern verschwindet, fasst sie einen kühnen… Continue Reading Posted in: History, Jews, Renaissance Literary Criticism, Teen & Young Adult Renaissance Historical Fiction, Young Adult Fiction

Lost It

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Honey, Baby, Sweetheart

Right away I got that Something About To Happen feeling. Right away I knew he was bad, and that it didn't matter.It is summer in the Northwest town of Nine… Continue Reading


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This true story of an ordinary boy with an extraordinary face is perfect for fans of Wonder--now with exclusive paperback content!When Robert Hoge was born, he had a tumor the… Continue Reading

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