Author: G.M. Ford

Frank Corso was a rising New York Times journalist until a libel suit ended his career. These day he’s covering stories for the third-rate Seattle Sun. He owes the owner, Natalie van der Hoven, and now she’s calling in her marker…..Read More

4 Books Similar to Fury

Last Ditch

P. I. Leo Waterman's late father was once one of the region's most powerful and colourful political characters. But just how seriously Waterman senior transgressed during his time on earth… Continue Reading Posted in: Detective And Mystery Stories, Ficion, Leo (Fictitious Character), Waterman

Thicker Than Water

The Wait Is OverLouis Kincaid Is BackOn a hot summer night in Florida, a beautiful young woman is brutally raped and murdered. . .Twenty years later, the man convicted of… Continue Reading Posted in: Ex Convicts, Florida, Judicial Error

Black River

Journalist Frank Corso's close friend Meg Dougherty is in intensive care after a run-in with a couple of criminals. The court case he is reporting on is linked to Meg's… Continue Reading Posted in: Mysteries (Kindle Store), Suspense (Kindle Store)

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