Gentlemen of the Road


Author: Michael Chabon

Two wandering adventurers and unlikely soulmates are variously plying their trades as swords for hire, horse thieves and con artists – until fortune entangles them in the myriad schemes and battles that follow a bloody coup in the medieval Jewish empire of the Khazars…..Read More

11 Books Similar to Gentlemen of the Road


A warm June evening, a local tradition: the students of Nantucket High have gathered for a bonfire on the beach. What begins as a graduation night celebration ends in tragedy… Continue Reading Posted in: Accidents, Family Secrets, Massachusetts Nantucket Island

The Final Solution: A Story of Detection

In deep retirement in the English countryside, an eighty-nine-year-old man, vaguely recollected by locals as a once-famous detective, is more concerned with his beekeeping than with his fellow man. Into… Continue Reading Posted in: Boys, Contemporary Literature & Fiction, Historical Mystery, Older Men, Refugees

The Mysteries of Pittsburgh

Set in industrial Pittsburgh in the mid-eighties, Michael Chabon's breakthrough coming-of-age novel chronicles the last summer of Art Bechstein's youth. Art meets the witty and beautiful Arthur Lecomte, who then… Continue Reading Posted in: LGBT Coming of Age Fiction (Books), LGBT Short Stories

Up Island and Low Country

The remarkable New York Times bestselling fiction of Anne Rivers Siddons has captured the hearts and imaginations of readers the world over, transporting them to lush and beautifully evoked settings… Continue Reading Posted in: Family Life Fiction (Books), Southern Fiction

Telegraph Avenue

As the summer of 2004 draws to a close, Archy Stallings and Nat Jaffe are still hanging in there - longtime friends, bandmates, and co-regents of Brokeland Records, a kingdom… Continue Reading

Wonder Boys

Grady Tripp is a pot-bellied, pot-smoking, over-sexed, aging novelist, struggling to finish the long-awaited follow-up to his award-winning novel. He teaches creative writing at a Pittsburgh college while battling with… Continue Reading Posted in: English Fiction, Humorous American Literature, Literary Satire Fiction, United States

Maps and Legends: Reading and Writing Along the Borderlands

Michael Chabon's sparkling first book of nonfiction is a love song in sixteen parts - a series of linked essays in praise of reading and writing, with subjects running from… Continue Reading Posted in: American, Authors, Books And Reading, Storytelling

Beach Music

Beach Music is about Jack McCall, an American living in Rome with his young daughter, trying to find peace after the recent trauma of his wife's suicide. But his solitude… Continue Reading Posted in: Domestic Fiction, English Fiction, United States

The Yiddish Policemen’s Union

SinopseAo longo de sessenta anos, refugiados judeus e os seus descendentes prosperaram no Distrito Federal de Sitka, um refúgio temporário criado no rescaldo das revelações do Holocausto e do chocante… Continue Reading Posted in: Alternative Histories (Fiction), Alternative History, Detective And Mystery Stories, Fiction, Jewish Historical Fiction

The Amazing Adventures of Kavalier & Clay

Winner of the 2001 Pulitzer Prize for Fiction, 'The Amazing Adventures of Kavalier & Clay' is a heart-wrenching story of escape, love and comic-book heroes set in Prague, New York… Continue Reading Posted in: Authorship, Historical Fiction, Suspense Fiction


In 1989, fresh from the publication of his first novel, The Mysteries of Pittsburgh, Michael Chabon traveled to his mother’s home in Oakland, California, to visit his terminally ill grandfather.… Continue Reading Posted in: Action & Adventure Literary Fiction, Contemporary Urban Fiction, Literary, Literature & Fiction, Urban Life

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