Author: Charles Stross

When Robin wakes up in a clinic with most of his memories missing, it doesn’t take him long to discover that someone is trying to kill him.It’s the twenty-seventh century, when interstellar travel is by teleport gate and conflicts are fought by network worms that censor refugees’ personalities and target historians. The civil war is over and Robin has been demobilized, but….Read More

12 Books Similar to Glasshouse

Halting State

In the year 2018, Sergeant Sue Smith of the Edinburgh constabulary is called in on a special case. A daring bank robbery has taken place at Hayek Associates -- a… Continue Reading Posted in: Business Intelligence, Hard Science Fiction, Scotland Edinburgh, Suspense Fiction, Technothrillers

Rainbows End

Robert Gu is a recovering Alzheimer's patient. The world that he remembers was much as we know it today. Now, as he regains his faculties through a cure developed during… Continue Reading Posted in: Memory, Patients, Spanish Language

Singularity Sky

This much-anticipated debut novel is set 400 years in the future - and in the wake of perfected time travel, the ultimate advancements in technology and information, and the groundbreaking… Continue Reading Posted in: Cyberpunk Science Fiction, Hard Science Fiction, Science Fiction, Twenty First Century

Saturn’s Children

Sometime in the twenty-third century, humanity went extinct—leaving only androids behind. Freya Nakamichi 47 is a femmebot, one of the last of her kind still functioning. With no humans left… Continue Reading Posted in: Androids, Science Fiction, Space Operas


By the end of the 30th century humanity has the capability to travel the universe, to journey beyond earth and beyond the confines of the vulnerable human frame.The descendants of… Continue Reading Posted in: Cloning, Hard Science Fiction, Literature & Fiction, Science Fiction


A visitor from the end of time comes to take a handful of strangers into space, where they must destroy the ultimate marvel of science in this powerful sf classic."Modern… Continue Reading Posted in: Alien Invasion Science Fiction eBooks, American, Science Fiction, Time Travel, Time Travel Fiction

Permutation City

In the not-too-distant future, technology has given birth to immortality. The human mind can be scanned and downloaded into a virtual reality program to become a perfect electronic "Copy", aware… Continue Reading Posted in: Australian, English Fiction, Hard Science Fiction, Literature & Fiction, Science Fiction

Pushing Ice

Some centuries from now, the exploitation of the Solar System is in full swing. On the cold edge of the system, Bella Lind, captain of the Rockhopper IV, helps fuel… Continue Reading Posted in: Satellites, Saturn (Planet)


Kas teate, et: *NASA on kamp idioote, kes tahavad primaate plekkpurgis Marsile saata *valitsus pole võimeline aru saama millestki, mida ta maksustada ei suuda *pikalainelise infrapunakiirguse leke galaktikas M31 võib… Continue Reading Posted in: Artificial Intelligence, Science Fiction

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