Science Fiction

Author: Orson Scott Card

Peggy is a Torch, able to see the fire burning in each person’s heart. From the moment of Alvin Maker’s birth, when the Unmaker first strove to kill him, she has protected him. Now they are married. But Alvin’s destiny has taken them on separate journeys. But only one slender path exists that leads through the bloodshed, and it is Peggy’s quest to set the world on that pat….Read More

11 Books Similar to Heartfire

Red Prophet

Since the age of 11, when he saw the white men murder his father, the Red Indian Lolla-Wossiky has been a pathetic drunk. When Governor Bill Harrison puts brutal plans… Continue Reading Posted in: Alvin (Fictitious Character), Fantastic Fiction, Maker, Miller

The Crystal City

Using the lore and the folk-magic of the men and women who settled North America, Orson Scott Card has created an alternate world where magic works, and where that magic… Continue Reading Posted in: Alvin (Fictitious Character), Maker

Alvin Journeyman

Book Four of the acclaimed Tales of Alvin Maker. Continue Reading Posted in: Fantasy Fiction, United States

Seventh Son

From the primal depth's of the world's greatest myths comes this gripping fantasy of a boy, born to be a Maker, whose dangerous journey towards knowledge and power makes history...… Continue Reading Posted in: Alvin (Fictitious Character), Fantasy Fiction, Lake States, Maker

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