Author: Sara Shepard

Four gorgeous girls are telling very ugly stories First Emily Aria Hanna and Spencer claimed they found a dead body in the woods behind Spencer s house only to have it vanish without a trace Then when the same woods went up in flames they swore they saw someone who s supposed to be dead rise from the ashes And even after all that the pretty little liars are still playing w….Read More

10 Books Similar to Heartless


Lady Sofia Beatrice Rosalynde Anne Therese Howard has had as many suitors as she has names. But she's spurned every last one of them, to the dismay of her guardian,… Continue Reading Posted in: Historical, Romance

Bridge to Terabithia

Jess Aarons wants to be the fastest boy in the class. He's been practising all summer and he's sure he's going to win. But when a girl moves into the… Continue Reading Posted in: English Fiction, History, Juvenile Fiction


In the exclusive town of Rosewood, Pennsylvania, where the sweetest smiles hide the darkest secrets, four pretty little liars--Spencer, Aria, Emily, and Hanna--have been very bad girls. . . .Spencer… Continue Reading Posted in: Conduct Of Life, Pennsylvania, Teenage Girls


A rootless foster child, Julie Mathison had blossomed under the love showered upon her by her adoptive family. Now a lovely and vivacious young woman, she was a respected teacher… Continue Reading Posted in: Contemporary, Romance


I do know things really began to spin out of control after my first sex dream.It all started with a dream. Nothing exceptional, just a typical fantasy about a boy,… Continue Reading Posted in: Dysfunctional Families, Mormons, Teenage Girls

Pretty Little Liars

EVERYONE HAS SOMETHING TO HIDE - ESPECIALLY HIGH SCHOOL JUNIORS SPENCER, ARIA, EMILY, AND HANNASpencer covets her sister's boyfriend. Aria's fantasizing about her English teacher. Emily's crushing on the new… Continue Reading Posted in: Teen & Young Adult Fiction about Being a Teen (Books), Teen & Young Adult Girls & Women Fiction

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