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Women's Sagas

Author: LaVyrle Spencer

The author of Family Blessings offers a powerful new novel about a family whose future is imperiled by the past. Tom Gardner, devoted husband, father, and high school principal, and those who are dearest to him have their security and trust threatened, when Kent, the result of Tom’s one-night stand with a fiercely independent woman, is transferred to his school…..Read More

8 Books Similar to Home song

Snailmail No More: A Novel By E Mail

Tara*Starr and Elizabeth finally have e-mail and they are sooooooo excited. After a year of snail mail following Tara*Starr's move to Ohio (chronicled in P.S. Longer Letter Later), the long-distance… Continue Reading Posted in: Children's, Fiction, Young Adult

This Time Forever

EVEN SHATTERED HEARTS CAN CAPTURE A DREAMSeeking refuge in a world not her own, a beautiful nurse follows her conscience to the reservation of the Lakota Sioux—hoping to heal the… Continue Reading Posted in: Contemporary Romance Fiction, Women's Romance Fiction

Desperate Measures (Barbara Holloway Novels)

Gus Marchand, a hard-working, god-fearing man, has been found dead on his kitchen floor. Without any real evidence, the locals cast their suspicions toward Alex Feldman, Marchand's hideously deformed neighbor.… Continue Reading Posted in: Oregon, Women Lawyers, Women Sleuths (Kindle Store)

The Secret of Sarah Revere

The spunky daughter of the famed Paul Revere tells the story of her father’s rides and the intelligence network of the Patriot community prior to the American Revolution. Ann Rinaldi’s… Continue Reading Posted in: Teen & Young Adult United States Colonial & Revolutionary Period Historical Fiction

A Perfect Snow

Seventeen-year-old Ben has just moved from a ranch where his dad was the foreman, to a trailer park where his dad doesn't have a job. His dad has befriended a… Continue Reading Posted in: Hate Groups, Montana, Teen & Young Adult Fiction about Prejudice, Teen & Young Adult Fiction about Prejudice & Racism, Young Adult Fiction

The Gamble

ONLY THE GIFT OF LOVE COULD FREE THEIR LONELY HEARTSAGATHA was the picture of primness and propriety although her green eyes could blaze with anger or sparkle with humor ...SCOTT… Continue Reading Posted in: 1945, American Writers, Historical Romance (Kindle Store), Love Stories

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