Keep the Home Fires Burning


Author: S. Block

In Britain’s darkest hour, an extraordinary community of women strives to protect the Home Front. When an enemy plane crashes in the village, every one of their lives will change forever…,,Return to Great Paxford or join us for your very first visit.,,Join Frances Barden, Sarah Collingborne, Pat Simms, Miriam Brindsley and the women of the Great Paxford Women’s Institute as….Read More

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A Woman’s War

In the darkest days they'll find their greatest strength . . .,,As enemy planes continue to bombard the North West of England, the women of Great Paxford fight harder then… Continue Reading Posted in: Fiction, Historical

Home Fires

Anne Davis has returned to the house where she grew up, trading her glamorous Manhattan lifestyle for a harsh winter on a wind-whipped New England island. Her marriage has crumbled… Continue Reading Posted in: Dwellings Fires And Fire Prevention, Fiction, Love Stories

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