Knight of Shadows

Action & Adventure Fantasy

Author: Roger Zelazny

Merlin pursues the mysterious disappearances of the two people dearest to him: Julia, once murdered and now reincarnated as his enemy; and his father, Corwin, who, never visible, leaves behind tantalizing signs of life. But the powers of Order and Chaos intervene, attempting to force Merlin to choose once and for all where his allegiance lies: the Courts of Chaos, Amber, t….Read More

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Blood of Amber

Pursued by a fiendish enemy, Merle must battle through an intricate web of vengeane and murder that threatens more than the San Francisco Bay area. For Merle Corey of California… Continue Reading Posted in: Amber (Imaginary Place), Contemporary Fantasy Fiction, Historical Fantasy

Majipoor Chronicles

Come to Majipoor, the magnificently exotic planet of Lord Valentine's Castle. Come to Hissune, favorite of Valentine, as he probes the deepest secrets of Majipoor's long past in the depths… Continue Reading Posted in: Fantasy Fiction, Short Stories, United States

Prince of Chaos

Having survived the blackest betrayal and a near assassination, Merle Corey, aka Merlin, discovers he is third in line to occupy the throne of Chaos. However, his ascension is aided… Continue Reading Posted in: Action & Adventure Fantasy, Castle Amber (Imaginary Place), Historical Fantasy


Whales lie inexplicably stranded on a beach in the Florida Keys. Overnight a dozen whales, wandering far from their nromal migratory route, have appeared from nowhere and beached themselves. More… Continue Reading Posted in: English, Fiction In English, Hard Science Fiction, Science Fiction, Space Fleet Science Fiction eBooks

Trumps of Doom

Merlin, syn Corwina, zyje spokojnie w naszym świecie, ale ten spokój nie trwa dlugo. Straszliwe moce zla z alternatywnego świata w Cieniu przepedzają go z Ziemi. Powraca do Amberu, gdzie… Continue Reading Posted in: Action & Adventure Fantasy, American Writers, Fiction In English, Historical Fantasy

The World of Ptavvs

Larry Greenberg's telepathic tendencies had been trained and developed to a critical level. The trouble was that if these psychic interchanges were strong enough, a man could end up not… Continue Reading Posted in: American, Science Fiction


When ten-year-old Dinah Kirkham saw her father leave their Manchester home in the middle of the night, she asked when he would be back. "Soon," he replied. But he never… Continue Reading Posted in: Historical Fantasy Fiction, Mormon Women, Mormons, Polygamy, Religious Historical Fiction

Diadem from the Stars

Far out among the stars the masterminds of the spider people had placed their mightiest mysteries in the scientific device called the diadem. And when that coronet was stolen, they… Continue Reading Posted in: American, Science Fiction

Signal to Noise

Jack Potter puts computer cryptography to work for the highest bidder: sometimes for private corporations, sometimes for the government. Sometimes the work is legal; if not, Jack simply raises his… Continue Reading Posted in: Fiction, Science Fiction

Lord of Light

A distant world where gods walk as men, but wield vast and hidden powers. Are they truly immortal? Who are these gods who rule the destiny of a teeming world?… Continue Reading Posted in: Action & Adventure Fantasy, Good And Evil, Hindu Gods, Historical Fantasy, Technological Innovations

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