Knitting Under the Influence


Author: Claire LaZebnik

When you’re in your late twenties and nothing in your life seems to be falling into place, knitting is an awfully seductive way to spend your free time — especially when life doesn’t come with a stitch counter.,Kathleen, Sari, and Lucy’s Sunday knitting circle is the only thing holding them together. Kathleen has been cut off financially by her family and forced to enter….Read More

6 Books Similar to Knitting Under the Influence

It’s About Your Husband

32-year-old Iris Hedge isn't exactly on sure footing. She's left her husband in LA and moved to New York for her dream job as a marketing researcher at one of… Continue Reading Posted in: Fiction, Romance, Women's Fiction

Class Mothers

When her daughter wins a coveted scholarship to the prestigious Metropolitan preschool, Laura thinks she's struck the educational jackpot. Metropolitan is harder to get into than Harvard! She soon finds… Continue Reading Posted in: Fiction, Women's Fiction

Southern Fried Divorce

If your dog doesn't like this book, he has no sense of humor."—Roy Blount, Jr., author ofRoy Blount's Book of Southern Humor and If Only You Knew How Much I… Continue Reading Posted in: American, Humor, Nonfiction

Songs of the Humpback Whale: A Novel in Five Voices

This first novel interweaves five rich narrative voices to tell a story of love, pain, and self-discovery. A work that questions how songs are passed down between male speakers and… Continue Reading Posted in: Contemporary, Fiction, Women's Fiction

She, Myself & I

The Cassel sisters have little in common besides a pair of wacky parents and a maddening knack for eluding happily-ever-after endings. But when their lives require damage control, only a… Continue Reading Posted in: Family, Fiction, Women's Fiction

Epic Fail

At Coral Tree Prep in Los Angeles, who your parents are can make or break you. Case in point:- As the son of Hollywood royalty, Derek Edwards is pretty much… Continue Reading Posted in: Interpersonal Relations, Sisters, Young Adult Fiction

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