L..A. Times


Author: Stuart Woods

Deadly Ambition,,After turning a film student’s directorial debut into a hit movie, New York mobster and movie fanatic Vinnie Callabrese takes off for the bright lights of Hollywood, where he begins a new life as Michael Vincent, Producer. A natural born wheeler-dealer, he lands not only a major studio deal, but also a gorgeous actress girlfriend.,,It isn’t long before Mich….Read More

11 Books Similar to L..A. Times

In the Moon of Red Ponies

In James Lee Burke's last novel featuring Billy Bob Holland, Bitterroot, the former Texas Ranger left his home state to help a friend threatened by the most dangerous sociopath Billy… Continue Reading Posted in: Trials (Murder), Veterans, Vietnam War (1961 1975)

Spanking Watson (Kinky Friedman Novels)

How many lesbians can dance on the head of a pin? Kinky Friedman sure as hell doesn't know, but he's learning exactly how many it takes to send the geriatric… Continue Reading Posted in: Murder, Mysteries (Kindle Store), Nineteen Seventies, Private Investigators, Threats

Santa Fe Dead

In this new thriller featuring the colorful Santa Fe trial lawyer, Ed Eagle finds the tables turned when he testifies as a witness for the prosecution in the trial of… Continue Reading Posted in: Legal Thrillers (Books), Traditional Detective Mysteries (Kindle Store)

Santa Fe Rules

Better Off Dead Successful Hollywood movie producer Wolf Willettis stunned when he happens to read his own New York Times obituary--victim of a sordid triple homicide amid a steamy méage… Continue Reading Posted in: Contemporary American Fiction, English Fiction, Read & Listen for $14.99 or Less, United States

Capital Crimes: London Mysteries

With its fascinating mix of people – rich and poor, British and foreign, worthy and suspicious – London is a city where anything can happen. The possibilities for criminals and… Continue Reading Posted in: Mystery, Short Stories

Imperfect Strangers

Sandy Kinsolving's once-glittering life hangs by a threat; his future depends on his wife's inheritance and whether or not she's about to throw him out on his ear. What he… Continue Reading Posted in: Contemporary American Fiction, Read & Listen for $14.99 or Less


When both your past and future spell fear. Award-winning author Stuart Woods has crafted a masterful novel no reader will soon forget. For years, Liz Barwick has been battered by… Continue Reading Posted in: Crime Thrillers (Kindle Store), Serial Killer Thrillers

The Run

A respected senator from Georgia, Will Lee has aspirations of more.But a cruel stroke of fate thrusts him onto the national stage well before he expects, and long before he's… Continue Reading Posted in: Georgia, Legislators, Political Fiction

Short Straw

Ed Eagle, Santa Fe’s pre-eminent trial lawyer, first introduced in Woods’s earlier novel, Santa Fe Rules, finds himself in extreme domestic difficulties. On the morning of his fiftieth birthday, as… Continue Reading Posted in: Crime Thrillers (Kindle Store), Legal Thrillers (Books)

Mounting Fears

New York Times? bestselling author Stuart Woods returns with another page-turning thriller. President Will Lee is having a rough week. His vice president just died during surgery. Confirmation hearings for… Continue Reading Posted in: Assassination Thrillers (Books), Pakistan, Political Thrillers & Suspense, Presidents Election, Suspense Fiction

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