Leaving Cheyenne

Literary Fiction

Author: Larry McMurtry

From the Pulitzer Prize–winning author of Lonesome Dove Larry McMurtry comes the second novel about love and loss on the great plains of Texas. From 1920’s ranching to range cowboys and WWII grief, McMurtry is the undisputed father of the Western literary epic.Leaving Cheyenne traces the loves of three West Texas characters as they follow that sundown trail: Gideon Fry, th….Read More

7 Books Similar to Leaving Cheyenne

Pearl Harbor

President Franklin D. Roosevelt's speech on December 8, 1941, lasted a mere six and half minutes. But his words and tone--in a monologue that would later be named the Infamy… Continue Reading Posted in: Alternative Histories (Fiction), Fiction

Cadillac Jack

In Cadillac Jack, Larry McMurtry -- Pulitzer Prize-winning author of Lonesome Dove -- proves his unique talent for conjuring up the real, often eccentric people who inhabit the American heartland… Continue Reading Posted in: 1945, American Writers, Contemporary Literature & Fiction, Fiction Satire, Flea Markets

The Sackett Brand

Forty gunslingers from the Lazy A have got Tell Sackett cornered under the Mogollon Rim. They're fixing to hang him if they can capture him alive, fill him extra full… Continue Reading Posted in: 1900, American Writers, Murder Victims' Families

Blood Meridian

Blood Meridian is an epic novel of the violence and depravity that attended America's westward expansion, brilliantly subverting the conventions of the Western novel and the mythology of the Wild… Continue Reading Posted in: Contemporary Literature & Fiction, Fiction In English, Glanton Gang, United States

The Story of Edgar Sawtelle

Born mute, speaking only in sign, Edgar Sawtelle leads an idyllic life with his parents on their farm in remote northern Wisconsin. For generations, the Sawtelles have raised and trained… Continue Reading Posted in: Death, Fiction, Mute Persons

The Last Picture Show

This is one of McMurtry's most memorable novels - the basis for the film of the same name. Set in a small, dusty Texas town, it introduces Jacy, Duane and… Continue Reading Posted in: Bildungsromane, Bildungsromans, Motion Picture Theaters, Small Town & Rural Fiction, Westerns

Some Luck

On their farm in Denby, Iowa, Rosanna and Walter Langdon abide by time-honored values that they pass on to their five wildly different yet equally remarkable children: Frank, the brilliant,… Continue Reading Posted in: Civilization, Farm Life, Rural Families, Saga Fiction, U.S. Historical Fiction

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