Men's Adventure Fiction (Books)

Author: Robert Littell

Who is Martin Odum? A retired spy or a ‘legend’, a false identity, created by the CIA? This is the story of Martin Odum, a one-time CIA field agent, now a discharged spy turned private detective in Crown Heights, Brooklyn, struggling through a labyrinth of memories of past identities – ‘legends’ in CIA parlance…..Read More

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Eleven years ago Marie Carter was convicted of killing her two best friends. And she's paid the price. Now she is being released from prison. It's time to go home.… Continue Reading Posted in: Fiction, Mystery, Thriller

The Company

Robert Littell does for the CIA what Mario Puzo did for the Mafia Robert Littell's The Company is an engrossing, multigenerational, wickedly nostalgic yet utterly entertaining and candid saga bringing… Continue Reading

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