Liberation Day

War Fiction (Kindle Store)

Author: Andy McNab

November 2001. A Zodiac inflatable slips away from a submarine off the North African coast. If he hadn’t needed American citizenship so badly, Nick Stone wouldn’t have agreed to do this one last job, but the CIA’s offer of a new life in the United States, and the chance to share it with Carrie, the woman he’s fallen in love with, is one he cannot refuse.The job seems simpl….Read More

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Ex-deniable operator Nick Stone seems to be living his dream, not a care in the world as he steers his camper van round the surfing and parachuting paradise of Australia,… Continue Reading Posted in: Military Thrillers (Books), War Fiction (Kindle Store)

Last Light

Aborting an officially-sanctioned assassination attempt at the Houses of Parliament when he realises who the target is, Secret Intelligence Service 'deniable operator' Nick Stone is given a chilling ultimatum by… Continue Reading Posted in: Terrorism Thrillers (Kindle Store), War Fiction (Kindle Store)

Crisis Four

My head was forced under and I swallowed a mouthful of freezing river. I kicked back to the surface, forcing myself to breathe in through my nose, only to choke… Continue Reading Posted in: Conspiracies, Military Intelligence, Suspense Fiction, Terrorism Thrillers (Kindle Store), War Fiction (Kindle Store)

Deep Black

Ostřílený agent britské výzvědné služby SAS Nick Stone se ve Washingtonu marně snaží vzpamatovat se ze smrti mladičké Kelly, kterou poté, co byli zabiti její rodiče, přijal za svou a… Continue Reading Posted in: Great Britain, Military Thrillers, Suspense Fiction, War Fiction


Recuperating in Switzerland after a job that cost the life of one of his closest friends, ex-deniable operator Nick Stone is looking for a quiet life.But when his private life… Continue Reading Posted in: Intelligence Officers, Military Thrillers (Books), Suspense Fiction, War Fiction (Kindle Store)


Helsinki, December 1999. Nick Stone, ex-SAS, now a 'K' working for British Intelligence on deniable operations, is tough, resourceful, ruthless, highly trained - and desperately in need of cash...Offered the… Continue Reading Posted in: Espionage Thrillers (Kindle Store), Estonia, Great Britain, Suspense Fiction, War Fiction (Kindle Store)

Remote Control

Tough, resourceful, ruthless - as an SAS trooper, Nick Stone was one of the best. Now he's back on the streets. After a botched mission, the Regiment no longer want… Continue Reading Posted in: Great Britain, Suspense Fiction, Terrorism Thrillers (Kindle Store), War Fiction (Kindle Store)

Dark Winter

Andy McNab's thrillers have been enormously successful, and Dark Winter will no doubt allow his publishers to add more noughts to his already impressive sales figures. McNab's secret is reliability.… Continue Reading Posted in: 2001 2009, Assassins, Military Thrillers (Books), Suspense Fiction, War Fiction (Kindle Store), War On Terrorism

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