Lord Valentine’s Castle

Author: Robert Silverberg

Valentine, a wanderer who knows nothing except his name, finds himself on the fringes of a great city, and joins a troupe of jugglers and acrobats; gradually, he remembers that he is the Coronal Valentine, executive ruler of the vast world of Majipoor, and all its peoples, human and otherwise… Valentine’s journey is a long one, a tour through a series of magnificent envi….Read More

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Larry Greenberg's telepathic tendencies had been trained and developed to a critical level. The trouble was that if these psychic interchanges were strong enough, a man could end up not… Continue Reading Posted in: American, Science Fiction

Majipoor Chronicles

Come to Majipoor, the magnificently exotic planet of Lord Valentine's Castle. Come to Hissune, favorite of Valentine, as he probes the deepest secrets of Majipoor's long past in the depths… Continue Reading Posted in: Fantasy Fiction, Short Stories, United States

Valentine Pontifex

The national bestselling saga of Robert Silverberg's stunning imagination continues in the first new hardcover "Majipoor" novel in nearly a decade. As a prequel to Silverberg's earlier "Majipoor" novels. "Sorcerers… Continue Reading Posted in: Fantastic Fiction, Science Fiction

Sector General

The incredible floating intergalactic hospital, where exotic beings receive treatment from equally exotic doctors and nurses. Each new species brings new problems, but no case is too big, too small,… Continue Reading Posted in: 1945, Short Stories In English


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Tea with the Black Dragon

Martha Macnamara knows that her daughter Elizabeth is in trouble, she just doesn't know what kind. Mysterious phone calls from San Francisco at odd hours of the night are the… Continue Reading Posted in: Add Narration for $3.99 or Less, American, Canadian Writers, Fantasy Fiction, Fiction In English, Sword & Sorcery Fantasy

Bug Jack Barron

Bug Jack Barron is one of the most controversial novels ever to be labelled 'science fiction'. In a prescient foreshadowing of our present culture, Jack Barron is the star of… Continue Reading Posted in: Classic Science Fiction eBooks, Cyberpunk Science Fiction, Political Corruption, United States

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