Night Passage


Author: Robert B. Parker

The author of two dozen Spenser novels as well as numerous other works of fiction, Robert B. Parker is no stranger to either critical or popular acclaim. With his hallmark sharp wit and taut action, Parker has created in the Spenser series the standard against which all contemporary detective novels are measured, and a character considered the paragon of private eyes. In N….Read More

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Stone Cold

Jesse Stone has a problem no officer of the law likes to face: Dead bodies keep appearing, but clues do not. A man takes his dog out for a run… Continue Reading Posted in: Fiction, Mystery

The Harry Bosch Mysteries: The Black Echo / The Black Ice / The Concrete Blonde (Harry Bosch, #1-3)

THE BLACK ECHO One Sunday Harry Bosch gets a call out on his pager. A body has been found in a drainage tunnel off Mullholland Drive, Hollywood. And Harry knows… Continue Reading Posted in: Bosch, Fiction, Harry (Fictitious Character), Short Stories

Trouble in Paradise

Stiles Island is a wealthy and exclusive enclave separated by a bridge from the Massachusetts coastal town of Paradise. James Macklin sees Stiles Island as the ultimate investment opportunity: all… Continue Reading Posted in: Detective And Mystery Stories, Massachusetts, Murder, Mystery Fiction, Police Procedurals (Books)

Death in Paradise (A Jesse Stone Novel)

Discovered at the waters edge was something that used to be a girl. All Jesse has to go on is a young man's school ring on a gold chain, and… Continue Reading Posted in: Detective And Mystery Stories, Mystery Fiction, Police Chiefs, Police Procedurals (Kindle Store), Private Investigator Mysteries (Books)

Sea Change

Paradise, Massachusetts, police chief Jesse Stone faces the case of his career in the newest novel in the bestselling series.,,When a woman's partially decomposed body washes ashore in Paradise, Massachusetts,… Continue Reading Posted in: Fiction, Mystery

High Profile

The murder of a notorious public figure places Paradise, Massachusetts, police chief Jesse Stone in the harsh glare of the media spotlight. When the body of controversial talk-show host Walton… Continue Reading Posted in: Fiction, Mystery

Three Great Novels: The Last Coyote / Trunk Music / Angels Flight (Harry Bosch, #4-6)

THE LAST COYOTESuspended from the LAPD pending psychiatric treatment Bosch has time on his hands and opens the ancient file on his mother's death. He discovers that the flames of… Continue Reading Posted in: American Literature, Fiction, Kidnapping, Police Procedurals, Private Investigators

Split Image

Author: Sorry we couldn’t find a book description. Please use the goodreads and/or amazon links on the book page to read more.....Read More Amazon goodreads Review this Book See All… Continue Reading Posted in: International Mystery & Crime (Kindle Store), Police Procedurals (Kindle Store)

Ten Big Ones

Not every witness protection programme is foolproof...As the only witness able to ID a gang member who has been firebombing local deli-marts, Stephanie is working overtime avoiding death threats and… Continue Reading Posted in: Detective And Mystery Stories, Fiction, New Jersey Trenton

Cold Service

When Spenser's closest ally, Hawk, is brutally injured and left for dead while protecting bookie Luther Gillespie, Spenser embarks on an epic journey to rehabilitate his friend in body and… Continue Reading Posted in: Fiction, Mystery

Eleven on Top

Trouble seems to find Stephanie everywhere she goes, and once again she's struggling with her tangled love life, chaotic family, and her God-given gift for destroying every car she drives.… Continue Reading Posted in: Bounty Hunters, Detective And Mystery Stories, Fiction

Stranger In Paradise

Jesse Stone is an ex LA cop who has taken the job of police chief in Paradise, Massachusetts. His drinking and his damaged relationship with his wife, define him as… Continue Reading Posted in: Fiction, Mystery

Back Story

In Robert B. Parker's most popular series, an unsolved thirty-year-old-murder draws the victim's daughter out of the shadows for overdue justice-and lures Spenser into his own past, old crimes, and… Continue Reading Posted in: Fiction, Mystery

Hush Money

Parker says he'll keep writing Spenser novels as long as the public wants to read them, which probably means he'll need to keep writing them for the rest of his… Continue Reading Posted in: Detective And Mystery Stories, Hard-Boiled Mysteries (Kindle Store), Mystery Fiction, Noir Crime, Stalking Victims

Crimson Joy

A killer leaves a red rose on the body of each woman he kills. When Susan Silverman's life is in danger, Spencer vows to bring the criminal to justice. Continue Reading Posted in: Fiction, Mystery

Walking Shadow (Spenser)

In a shabby waterfront town, an actor is shot dead onstage. Granted, the script left much to be desired. But there's more behind the scenes than an overzealous critic--and Spenser… Continue Reading Posted in: Hard-Boiled Mystery, Massachusetts Boston, Private Investigators, Traditional Detective Mysteries (Kindle Store)

Bad Business

A cheating husband and a wayward wife provide Spenser with an unconventional and dangerous surveillance job. When Marlene Cowley hires Spenser to see if her husband, Trent, is cheating on… Continue Reading Posted in: Fiction, Mystery

Widow’s Walk (A Spenser Novel)

The Barnes & Noble ReviewAt a signing he once gave at a Long Island bookstore, Robert B. Parker admitted to me that he and his beloved private eye creation, Spenser,… Continue Reading Posted in: Cozy Animal Mysteries, Detective And Mystery Stories, Mystery Fiction, Private Investigator Mysteries (Books)

Night and Day

Katharine Hilbery is beautiful and privileged, but uncertain of her future. She must choose between becoming engaged to the oddly prosaic poet William Rodney, and her dangerous attraction to the… Continue Reading Posted in: Domestic Fiction, Family Relationships, Poets Family Relationships

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