Author: Kou Yoneda

A collection of masterful, sensual stories by popular yaoi creator Kou Yoneda! In the title story, Masato Karashima is a “transporter,” a man paid to smuggle anything from guns to drugs to people. When he’s hired by yakuza gang member Masaki Hozumi, he finds himself attracted to the older man, and what starts out as a business transaction quickly spirals into a cat-and-mou….Read More

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From the author of ‘Crash’ and ‘Cocaine Nights’ comes an unnerving tale of life in a modern tower block running out of control.Within the concealing walls of an elegant forty-storey… Continue Reading Posted in: English Fiction, Fiction In English, High Rise Apartment Buildings Social Aspects, Mystery, Thriller & Suspense Literary Fiction, Thrillers

Fugitives and Refugees: A Walk in Portland, Oregon

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