Nobody’s Perfect

General Humorous Fiction

Author: Donald E. Westlake

The priceless painting is titled “Folly Leads to Man’s Ruin,” and the owner, rich and careless Mr. Chauncey, wants it stolen for the insurance. He hires Dortmunder, who has a foolproof plan, and , just in case, Chauncey also recruits a hit man to make sure he gets the painting back.Too bad Dortmunder gets stuck in an elevator, and the painting vanishes…..Read More

9 Books Similar to Nobody’s Perfect

Why Me?

Be careful what you steal . . . A fast-paced crime caper from the Edgar Award–winning author and “funniest man in the world” (The Washington Post Book World).The Byzantine Fire… Continue Reading Posted in: 1945, Adventure Stories, Dortmunder (Fictitious Character), Heist Crime, Heist Thrillers

Cold Service

When Spenser's closest ally, Hawk, is brutally injured and left for dead while protecting bookie Luther Gillespie, Spenser embarks on an epic journey to rehabilitate his friend in body and… Continue Reading Posted in: Fiction, Mystery

The Mummy at the Dining Room Table: Eminent Therapists Reveal Their Most Unusual Cases and What They Teach Us about Human Behavior

"A wife pretends to hang herself in the basement so she can time how long it will be before her husband comes to rescue her. . . .a woman whose… Continue Reading Posted in: Health, Nonfiction, Psychology

Drowned Hopes

Arriving home after another failed burglary, Dortmunder finds his home occupied by an old cellmate. Tom Jimson left $700,000 buried in a small valley in upstate New York and needs… Continue Reading Posted in: Detective And Mystery Stories, Dortmunder (Fictitious Character), Fiction, General Humorous Fiction, Heist Crime

What’s The Worst That Could Happen?

Dortmunder is in the midst of a routine burglary of a Long Island mansion when who shows up toting a gun but the owner, nasty billionaire Max Fairbanks. Worse, Fairbanks… Continue Reading Posted in: Detective And Mystery Stories, Fiction, General Humorous Fiction, Heist Crime

Bank Shot

When John Dortmunder sets out to rob a bank, he really means it. He steals the whole thing. With the help of his usual crew, as well as a sophomoric… Continue Reading Posted in: American Writers, Criminals, English Fiction, General Humorous Fiction, Heist Crime

The Road To Ruin

Ever-lovable but hapless crook John Dortmunder and his merry band of misfits attempt to drive off with a fleet of vintage automobiles in a con against a corrupt CEO who… Continue Reading Posted in: Automobile Theft, Heist Crime, Kidnapping Crime Fiction, Rich People, Thieves

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