One Night

Author: Marsha Qualey

Kelly Ray is nineteen and a recovering heroin addict. To stay sober, she lives by a severe set of rules, and the last thing she needs is a complicated guy. And who could be more complicated than the heir to the throne of a war-torn European country? But when, by chance, she meets Prince Tomas Teronovich, Kelly is hooked-not so much by his looks, his gentleness, or his obvi….Read More

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Sixteen-year-old Ted O’Connor’s parents just died in a fiery car crash, and now he’s stuck with a set of semi-psycho foster parents, two foster brothers — Astin, the cocky gearhead,… Continue Reading Posted in: Grief, Parents Death, Young Adult Fiction

Someone Like Summer

Annabel first sees him playing soccer near her house. His name is Esteban--she sees it on the back of his team shirt. He notices her, smiles, then looks back over… Continue Reading Posted in: Emigration And Immigration, Fathers And Daughters, United States

Margaux with an X

A sharp-tongued beauty meets a quirky, quick-witted loner in this funny, poignant new novel from the author of SHAKESPEARE BATS CLEANUP and STONER & SPAZ.She's drop-dead gorgeous, has a razor-sharp… Continue Reading Posted in: Adolescence, Family Violence, Young Adult Fiction

Just Like That

When Hanna breaks up with her boyfriend of almost a year, she knows she's supposed to feel...something. Liberated, maybe? Sad? Instead, there's only one thing she feels for certain: She's… Continue Reading Posted in: Fiction, Romance, Young Adult

The Night My Sister Went Missing

A tiny pistol, passed from friend to friend at a party on an abandoned pier, suddenly fires, and Casey Carmody falls into the water below. Kurt, Casey's older brother, endures… Continue Reading Posted in: Gossip, Missing Persons, Young Adult Fiction

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