Pacific Vortex


Author: Clive Cussler

Auf einer Testfahrt verschwindet die Starbuck, das neueste und modernste U-Boot der Welt, spurlos irgendwo im Pazifik. Und das ist keinesfalls ein Einzelfall: Bereits 37 Schiffe sind im Laufe der letzten 30 Jahre in einem kreisrunden Seegebiet nördlich des Hawaii-Archipels in einem “Todesnebel” verschollen. Diesmal droht allerdings höchste Gefahr. Das Arsenal von Atomraket….Read More

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Night Probe!

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Vixen 03

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Flood Tide

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Trojan Odyssey

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Black Wind

Free Delivery if order value from the seller is greater than 399. Used Book in good condition. No missing/ torn pages. No stains. Note: The above used product classification has… Continue Reading Posted in: Sea Adventures Fiction (Books), Terrorism Thrillers (Books)


For Dirk Pitt, the witnessing of an airship disaster sets in motion the most nail-biting events of his career. When he finds his trail leading to fabulous treasure beneath the… Continue Reading


THE CLASSIC DIRK PITT ADVENTURE A NUCLEAR PEARL HARBOUR Buried in the depths of the Pacific Ocean, off the coast of Japan, lies one of the greatest drowned secrets of… Continue Reading


The towering iceberg drifting in the North Atlantic was a floating tomb. Embedded in the great gleaming mass was a ship—sealed in so solidly that not even its mast protruded.Here… Continue Reading Posted in: Crime Action & Adventure, Sea Adventures Fiction (Books)

Raise The Titanic

The President's secret task force develops the ultimate defensive weapon. At its core: byzanium, a radioactive element so rare sufficient quantities have never been found. But a frozen American corpse… Continue Reading Posted in: 1900, North Atlantic Ocean, Suspense Fiction

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