Points of View

Author: W. Somerset Maugham

Eclectic and illuminating, these essays are the last that Maugham published. Ranging from an appreciation of Goethe’s novels, to an encounter with an Indian holy man, with a considered analysis of the form at which Maugham himself excelled – the short story – they present the enduring views and opinions of this eminent writer…..Read More

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Decline and Fall

Expelled from Oxford for indecent behaviour, Paul Pennyfeather is oddly unsurprised to find himself qualifying for the position of schoolmaster at Llanabba Castle. His colleagues are an assortment of misfits,… Continue Reading Posted in: English Literature, Fiction, Upper Class

The Cheerleader

First published in 1973 and 1974 by Putnam and Bantam, The,Cheerleader was a Book-of-the-Month Club selection, optioned by Twentieth Century-Fox, made into an NBC sitcom pilot, and became a best-seller… Continue Reading Posted in: Fiction, Young Adult

The Beautiful and Damned

First published in 1922, The Beautiful and the Damned followed Fitzgerald's impeccable debut, This Side of Paradise, thus securing his place in the tradition of great American novelists. Embellished with… Continue Reading Posted in: American, American Literature, Facsimiles, Manuscripts

Hangover Square

London, 1939, and in the grimy publands of Earls Court, George Harvey Bone is pursuing a helpless infatuation. Netta is cool, contemptuous and hopelessly desirable to George. George is adrift… Continue Reading Posted in: Classic Literature & Fiction, English Fiction, Social Life And Customs

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