Queen of Babble

Queen of Babble Gets Hitched

Author: Meg Cabot

What’s an American girl with a big mouth, but an equally big heart, to do?Lizzie Nichols has a problem, and it isn’t that she doesn’t have the slightest idea what she’s going to do with her life, or that she’s blowing what should be her down payment on a cute little Manhattan apartment on a trip to London to visit her long-distance boyfriend, Andrew. But what’s the point o….Read More

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Size 12 Is Not Fat

Heather Wells Rocks!,,Or, at least, she did. That was before she left the pop-idol life behind after she gained a dress size or two — and lost a boyfriend, a… Continue Reading Posted in: Fiction, Mystery, Women's Fiction

The Collected Tales of Nikolai Gogol

When Pushkin first read some of the stories in this collection, he declared himself "amazed."  "Here is real gaiety," he wrote, "honest, unconstrained, without mincing, without primness. And in places what… Continue Reading Posted in: Cultural, Fiction, Short Stories

Love And Other Impossible Pursuits

In this moving, wry, and candid novel, widely acclaimed novelist Ayelet Waldman takes us through one woman’s passage through love, loss, and the strange absurdities of modern life.,,Emilia Greenleaf believed… Continue Reading Posted in: Contemporary, Fiction, Women's Fiction

Learning Curves

From the dazzling author of Little White Lies and When in Rome…comes a rollicking new novel of love and lust in the boardroom.,,Jennifer Bell used to travel the planet with… Continue Reading Posted in: Fiction, Romance, Women's Fiction

Fatal Remedies

A sudden act of vandalism had just been committed in the chill Venetian dawn. But Commissario Guido Brunetti soon finds out that the perpetrator is no petty criminal. For the… Continue Reading Posted in: Fiction, Mystery

The Pox Party

It sounds like a fairy tale. He is a boy dressed in silks and white wigs and given the finest of classical educations. Raised by a group of rational philosophers… Continue Reading Posted in: Fiction, Historical, Young Adult

Sushi for Beginners

A nervous breakdown seems like a great idea: all that lying in bed and watching daytime TV. But who's going to have it? Will it be housewife Clodagh, who spends… Continue Reading Posted in: Contemporary British Fiction, English, Fiction, Social Life And Customs, Women's Humorous Fiction

The Two Lives of Miss Charlotte Merryweather

At age thirty-one, American Charlotte Merryweather has spent ten years in London pursuing personal and professional perfection. Yet her present-day success- heading her own PR company, owning a gorgeous apartment,… Continue Reading Posted in: Fiction, Romance, Women's Fiction

Teen Idol

Ask Annie your most complex interpersonal relationship questions. Go on, we dare you!All letters to Annie are subject to publication in the Clayton High School Register. Names and e-mail addresses… Continue Reading Posted in: American, Diaries, Motion Picture Actors And Actresses, Young Adult Fiction

Guilty Pleasures

In the world of the fabulously rich, fashion can have a very high price. Saul Milford, owner of one of England’s oldest and most prestigious luxury goods companies is dead,… Continue Reading Posted in: Fiction, Romance, Women's Fiction

Every Boy’s Got One

Cartoonist Jane Harris is delighted by the prospect of her first-ever trip to Europe. But it's hate at first sight for Jane and Cal Langdon, and neither is too happy… Continue Reading Posted in: Fiction, Romance, Women's Fiction

All-American Girl

Top Ten Reasons Samantha Madison is in Deep Trouble,,10. Her big sister is the most popular girl in school,,9. Her little sister is a certified genius,,8. She's in love with… Continue Reading Posted in: Romance, Women's Fiction, Young Adult


ÖNEMLİ OLAN PAKET...İÇİNDEKİ KİMİN UMRUNDA?Mizahı akılla birleştirip harikalar yaratan kadın MEG CABOT’tanEM WATTS SİZLERE ÖMÜR!Emerson Watts, SoHo’daki yeni Stark mağazasının açılışına gitmek bile istemiyordu. Ama birinin kızkardeşi Frida’ya göz kulak… Continue Reading Posted in: Children's Stories, False Personation, Juvenile Fiction

How to Be Popular

Do you want to be popular?Everyone wants to be popular—or at least, Stephanie Landry does. Steph's been the least popular girl in her class since a certain cherry Super Big… Continue Reading Posted in: Children's Stories, Juvenile Fiction

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