Ranma 1/2

Author: Rumiko Takahashi

When a well-meaning, yet eternally clueless Ranma suggests that Akane’s chest size may be shrinking, Akane is hard-pressed to decide how to best use barbells: to pump up her chest or bust Ranma’s face! Rated for older teens…..Read More

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Ranma 1/2, Vol 36

The Final Volume!After sixteen years the longest running manga series in America has finally come to an incredible ending! That's right, this is the conclusion to one of the most… Continue Reading Posted in: Comic Books, Etc.), Fantasy Manga (Books), Strips, Teenage Boys, United States

Miki Falls, Volume 4: Winter

Can love survive?It's winter, and a bitter chill of desperation has settled over Miki and Hiro. Far from home, the young couple treks through the frozen north, with Akuzu's powerful… Continue Reading Posted in: Fantasy Manga, Graphic Novels, Science Fiction Manga, Secrecy, Young Adult Fiction

Fruits basket

Kyo finally makes the decision to stop running from his fears and confront his birth father. But how will he react to his father's pressure to accept an unwanted truth?… Continue Reading Posted in: Families, Romance Manga (Books), Teenage Girls, United States

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