Roughing It

Author: Mark Twain

In 1861, young Mark Twain found himself adrift as a tenderfoot in the Wild West, and Roughing It is his hilarious record of his travels come to life with his inimitable mixture of reporting, social satire, and rollicking tall tales…..Read More

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Pudd’nhead Wilson and Those Extraordinary Twins

At the beginning of Pudd'nhead Wilson a young slave woman, fearing for her infant's son's life, exchanges her light-skinned child with her master's.  From this rather simple premise Mark Twain fashioned… Continue Reading Posted in: African American Literary Fiction, Bibliography, Classic Historical Fiction, Humorous Stories, Legal Stories

Taming A Sea-Horse

In his latest highly acclaimed Spenser novel, Robert B. Parker takes readers into the murky big-city underground where Spenser undertakes an intense search for a beautiful, missing prostitute, and finds… Continue Reading Posted in: Fiction, Mystery

Life on the Mississippi

This is Mark Twain's description of life on the Mississippi River, with observations and anecdotes about the culture and society along the river valley. It includes character sketches, historical facts,… Continue Reading Posted in: Bibliography, Biography, Historical Fiction, History, Literature

Moby-Dick; or, The Whale

Command the murderous chalices!...Drink ye harpooners! drink and swear, ye men that man the deathful whaleboat's bow - Death to Moby Dick!'. So Captain Ahab binds his crew to fulfil… Continue Reading Posted in: Adventure Fiction, Adventure Stories, Literature, Shipwrecks, Teen & Young Adult Classic Literature

Motion To Dismiss

Scrupulous San Francisco defense attorney Kali O'Brien knows how to play the odds in a system where reality can be shaded. Despite a passion for justice that doesn't allow for… Continue Reading Posted in: Mystery, Thriller

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