Shades of Grey

Author: Jasper Fforde

Shades of Grey tells of a battle against overwhelming odds. In a society where the ability to see the higher end of the color spectrum denotes a better social standing, Eddie Russet belongs to the low-level House of Red and can see his own color—but no other. The sky, the grass, and everything in between are all just shades of grey, and must be colorized by artificial mean….Read More

10 Books Similar to Shades of Grey

First Among Sequels

It's been fourteen years since Thursday pegged out at the 1988 SuperHoop, and Friday is now a difficult sixteen year old. However, Thursday's got bigger problems. Sherlock Holmes is killed… Continue Reading Posted in: Characters And Characteristics, Detective And Mystery Stories, Mystery, Thriller & Suspense Literary Fiction, Time Travel, Women Sleuths

The Hollow Chocolate Bunnies of the Apocalypse

Toy Town—older, bigger, and certainly not wiser. The Old Rich, who have made their millions from the royalties on their world-famous nursery rhymes, are being murdered one by one. A… Continue Reading Posted in: Fiction, Humorous Stories, Literature

The Well of Lost Plots

Protecting the world's greatest literature—not to mention keeping up wit Miss Havisham—is tiring work for an expectant mother. And Thursday can definitely use a respite. So what better hideaway than… Continue Reading Posted in: Characters And Characteristics, Great Britain, Time Travel

How to Live Safely in a Science Fictional Universe

A story of a son searching for his father . . . through quantum space–time.  Minor Universe 31 is a vast story-space on the outskirts of fiction, where paradox fluctuates… Continue Reading Posted in: Fiction Satire, Humorous Science Fiction, Science Fiction, Space And Time

The Vinyl Detective: Low Action

The Vinyl Detective goes punk in his fifth hilarious adventure. “Like an old 45rpm record, this book crackles with brilliance.” David Quantick on Written in Dead Wax,,Semi-retired god of rock… Continue Reading Posted in: Fiction, Mystery

Bite Me

“Christopher Moore is a very sick man, in the very best sense of the word.”—Carl Hiaasen The undead rise again in Bite Me, the third book in New York Times… Continue Reading Posted in: Fiction, Fiction Satire, Humorous Fantasy, Paranormal Romance Stories

The Big Over Easy

It looks like he died from injuries sustained during a fall...' Bestselling author Jasper Fforde begins an effervescent new series. It's Easter in Reading - a bad time for eggs… Continue Reading Posted in: Characters And Characteristics, Detective And Mystery Stories, Humorous Stories


From the acclaimed author of The Gone-Away World - a new riveting action spy thriller, blistering gangster noir, and howling absurdist comedy: a propulsively entertaining tale about a mobster's son… Continue Reading Posted in: British & Irish Humor & Satire, England London, Good And Evil, Suspense Fiction, Women's Adventure Fiction

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