Skinner’s Mission


Author: Quintin Jardine

When an Edinburgh car showroom is torched, leaving a charred body among the burnt-out luxury cars, Deputy Chief Constable Bob Skinner wonders if a life of crime has finally caught up with one of the city’s most elusive villains. But the corpse turns out not to be that of Jackie Charles, the owner of the showroom, but his wife Carole. Skinner now finds himself on the same s….Read More

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Skinner’s Round

Bob Skinner must challenge local beliefs and legends to solve a gruesome murder in this fourth installment in the fantastic Scottish crime series.,,A four-day tournament involving the world's leading golfers… Continue Reading Posted in: Cultural, Mystery


A nightmare killer is loose in the land of dreams-A murder/robbery on a stretch of beach just south of Laguna. A gang killing in Santa Ana. A young woman gunned… Continue Reading Posted in: Fiction, Mystery


When Dominic Peach is sent to the former Soviet republic of Belugastan to save an endangered wild sheep he is not pleased - his main interest is insinuating himself into… Continue Reading

Gallery Whispers

A terrorist threat and a serial killer on the streets Edinburgh spell trouble for Scotland's toughest cop.,,One of the world's most ruthless terrorists is on his way to Edinburgh with… Continue Reading Posted in: Mystery

Skinner’s Rules

The book that launched a legend: the first novel in the acclaimed Bob Skinner series.As head of Edinburgh's CID, Detective Chief Superintendent Bob Skinner has seen it all... but even… Continue Reading Posted in: City Life Fiction (Books), English Fiction, Hard-Boiled Mysteries (Kindle Store), Scotland Edinburgh

Skinner’s Ghosts

Skinner faces the greatest, most personal tests of his career in this gripping crime thriller.,,Deputy Chief Constable Bob Skinner could be forgiven for thinking not only that someone up there… Continue Reading Posted in: Mystery

Fallen Gods

Can Skinner surmount the greatest challenge of his life... and if he does, will he ever be the same? A thrilling novel in the hugely popular Scottish crime series.,,When a… Continue Reading Posted in: Mystery

Lethal Intent

`If we are right about this, the stakes are higher than anything I've ever faced. I don't know if we can handle it`. Four Albanian gangsters have infiltrated Edinburgh. They… Continue Reading Posted in: City Life Fiction (Books), Detective And Mystery Stories, Fiction, Hard-Boiled Mysteries (Kindle Store), Police

Autographs in the Rain

Attempted murder and a mysterious stalker are a little close for comfort for DCC Skinner, in this thrilling crime novel.,,As Bob Skinner takes an evening stroll with a gorgeous filmstar… Continue Reading Posted in: Mystery

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