Snow White, Blood Red

Fairy Tales

Author: Ellen Datlow

Once upon a time, fairy tales were for children… But no longer.You hold in your hands a volume of wonders — magical tales of trolls and ogres, of bewitched princesses and kingdoms accursed, penned by some of the most acclaimed fantasists of our day. But these are not bedtime stories designed to usher an innocent child gently into a realm of dreams. These are stories tha….Read More

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Snow White and Rose Red

Wrede's romantic and charming retelling of the Brothers Grimm tale is the fourth in this series. In the village of Mortlak, near the river Thames, during the reign of Elizabeth… Continue Reading Posted in: Fantasy Fiction, Folklore, Sisters, Teen & Young Adult Fairy Tale & Folklore Adaptations, Teen & Young Adult Fairy Tales & Folklore Adaptations eBooks

Spirits in the Wires

At a popular Newford online research and library Web site called the Wordwood, a mysterious crash occurs. Everyone visiting the site at the moment of the crash vanishes from where… Continue Reading Posted in: Magical Realism, Newford (Imaginary Place), Web Sites

Hellblazer: Original Sins

Before Garth Ennis took John Constantine and gave him a new, rougher attitude and language filled with four-letter words, writer Jamie Delano brought an eerie, haunted life to the character.… Continue Reading Posted in: Literature & Fiction, Paranormal Fiction, United States

Smoke and Mirrors: Short Fictions and Illusions

"The distinctive storytelling genius of Neil Gaiman has been acclaimed by writers as diverse as Norman Mailer and Stephen King. Now in this new collection of stories--several of which have… Continue Reading Posted in: English, Fantasy Fiction, Fiction Genres

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