Solar Lottery

Military Science Fiction

Author: Philip K. Dick

The operating principle was random selection: positions of public power were decided by a sophisticated lottery and when the magnetic lottery bottle twitched, anyone could become the absolute ruler of the world, the Quizmaster.But with the power came the game – the assassination game – which everyone could watch on TV. Would the new man be good enough to evade his chosen k….Read More

7 Books Similar to Solar Lottery

We Can Build You

It was as good as a real Abe Lincoln...or as bad, if you looked at it that way. Going into simulacra production was not the obvious step for a firm… Continue Reading Posted in: American, Androids, Metaphysical Fiction, Metaphysical Science Fiction eBooks, Science Fiction

The Outsider

Meursault will not pretend. After the death of his mother, everyone is shocked when he shows no sadness. And when he commits a random act of violence in Algiers, society… Continue Reading Posted in: Adventure Fiction, Contemporary Literature & Fiction, Fiction In French, Medicine In Literature

Billions and Billions: Thoughts on Life and Death at the Brink of the Millennium

In the final book of his astonishing career, Carl Sagan brilliantly examines the burning questions of our lives, our world, and the universe around us. These luminous, entertaining essays travel… Continue Reading Posted in: Bibliography, Cosmology, Popular Works, Science Miscellanea, Star-Gazing

The Genealogy of Morals

Written in response to a book on the origins of morality by his erstwhile friend Paul Rée, the three essays comprising The Genealogy of Morals — all three advancing the… Continue Reading Posted in: 1844 1900, Etica, Friedrich Wilhelm, Nietzsche

Closing Time

Revisiting many of the characters of Catch-22, Joseph Heller's Closing Time is a darkly funny depiction of the moral collapse of the Western world. It features ageing versions of Yossarian,… Continue Reading Posted in: Contemporary Literature & Fiction, Fiction, Italy, Veterans

The Penultimate Truth

What if you discovered that everything you knew about the world was a lie? That’s the question at the heart of Philip K. Dick’s futuristic novel about political oppression, the… Continue Reading Posted in: Dystopian Science Fiction, English Fiction, Regression (Civilization), Time Travel Science Fiction, United States

The Transmigration of Timothy Archer

The Transmigration of Timothy Archer, the final novel in the trilogy that also includes Valis and The Divine Invasion, is an anguished, learned, and very moving investigation of the paradoxes… Continue Reading Posted in: American Fiction, Christology, Metaphysical & Visionary Fiction, Religious Science Fiction & Fantasy, Transmigration

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