Tea at the Midland and Other Stories

European Literature

Author: David Constantine

To the woman watching they looked like grace itself, the heart and soul of which is freedom. It pleased her particularly that they were attached by invisible strings to colourful curves of rapidly moving air. How clean and clever that was! You throw up something like a handkerchief, you tether it and by its headlong wish to fly away, you are towed along…,,Like the kite-sur….Read More

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The New Life

A parable about love, literature and fanaticism. A young university student becomes obsessed with a magical book that delves into the dangerous natures of love and self. Abandoning his studies… Continue Reading Posted in: Fantasy Fiction, Love Stories, Road Fiction


In late l991 and early 1992, at the time of the first Intifada, Joe Sacco spent two months with the Palestinians in the West Bank and Gaza Strip, travelling and… Continue Reading Posted in: Comic Books, Etc.), Middle East, Politics And Government, Strips

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