The Body in the Library: A Miss Marple Mystery

Author: Agatha Christie

It’s seven in the morning. The Bantrys wake to find the body of a young woman in their library. She is wearing evening dress and heavy make-up, which is now smeared across her cheeks.But who is she? How did she get there? And what is the connection with another dead girl, whose charred remains are later discovered in an abandoned quarry?The respectable Bantrys invite Miss….Read More

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Sleeping Murder

Despite her best efforts, Gwenda is unable to modernize her new home. Worse still, she feels an irrational fear every time she climbs the stairs. With Miss Marple helping to… Continue Reading Posted in: Detective And Mystery Stories, English, Video, Young Adult Fiction

The Vicious Vet (Agatha Raisin Mysteries)

Feisty Agatha Raisin, former London PR exec, retired to quiet Cotswold village. Handsome vet Paul Bladen accidentally kills himself while attending Lord Pendlebury's horse. Agatha and attractive neighbor James Lacey… Continue Reading Posted in: Private Investigator Mysteries (Kindle Store), Traditional Detective Mysteries (Kindle Store)

No Use Dying Over Spilled Milk

Pennsylvania Dutch inn owner/amateur sleuth Magdalena Yoder finds out that her second cousin twice removed is truly lactose intolerant when he's discovered dead in a tank of milk. But when… Continue Reading

A Pocket Full of Rye

A handful of grain is found in the pocket of a murdered businessman! Rex Fortescue, king of a financial empire, was sipping tea in his 'counting house' when he suffered… Continue Reading Posted in: Businessmen, England, Historical European Fiction, Historical French Fiction, Women Private Investigators

Agatha Raisin And The Potted Gardener

When Agatha Raisin comes home to cozy Carsely and finds that a new woman has piqued the interest of her handsome bachelor neighbor, James Lacey, she’s less than thrilled. The… Continue Reading Posted in: Traditional Detective Mysteries (Books)


He killed me. He killed me not. He killed me.It’s been happening since Min was eight. Every two years, on her birthday, a strange man finds her and murders her… Continue Reading Posted in: Conspiracies, Murder

Agatha Raisin and the Murderous Marriage

In her fifth outing, Agatha Raisin - the sometimes pushy, sometimes endearing heroine of Beaton's Cotswold village mystery series - has her marriage to next-door neighbour James Lacey disrupted by… Continue Reading Posted in: Murder Investigation, Traditional Detective Mysteries, Women Detectives, Women Sleuths

A Caribbean Mystery

There is no rest or relaxation for Miss Marple. Miss Jane Marple, Agatha Christie's most appealing sleuth, returns in this classic baffler of a vacation-turned-deadly. Continue Reading Posted in: Detective And Mystery Stories, England, Traditional Detective Mysteries, Women Private Investigators

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