The Christmas Swap


Author: Melody Carlson

All Emma Daley wants this holiday season is a white Christmas. But the young teacher and struggling musician sure can’t find that in sunny Arizona. Luckily, there’s someone living in a perfect mountain home in the Colorado Rockies looking to make a vacation trade this year.,,Tyler Prescott is an in-demand songwriter and talented musician who put his own singing career on hol….Read More

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The Christmas Blessing (Christmas Hope Series #2)

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Finding Alice

Sliding into the Rabbit Hole… Would She Ever Return?On the surface, Alice Laxton seems no different from any other college girl: bright, inquisitive, excited about the life ahead of her.… Continue Reading Posted in: Religious Mysteries, Schizophrenics, Sisters Fiction, Women College Students

Dirk Gently’s Big Holistic Graphic Novel

Douglas Adams' holistic detective Dirk Gently has his comic book adventures collected here in DIRK GENTLY'S BIG HOLISTIC GRAPHIC NOVEL. Containing two stand-alone series, enjoy "The Interconnectedness of All Kings,"… Continue Reading Posted in: Humor, Sequential Art

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