The Cycle of Fire

Author: Janny Wurts

A collection of the three volumes of a classic fantasy trilogy finds three young people struggling to free the Stormwarden, the last of the elemental power-wielding Vaere sorcerers, so that he can battle the humanity-threatening demonkind. Original…..Read More

7 Books Similar to The Cycle of Fire


One by one, the divided provinces of The Peninsula of the Palm had fallen, conquered by the armies and the sorcery of the two Tyrants. Now, Alberico of Barbadior holds… Continue Reading Posted in: Canadian Writers, Fiction In English, Magic

An Artificial Light

A defiant woman in pre–World War I Germany carves out her own unconventional destiny as the enthralling Photographer’s Saga continues.,,Germany, 1911. Certain things are expected of a woman. Defiant Mimi… Continue Reading Posted in: Fiction, Historical

The Earthsea Quartet

As a young dragonlord, Ged, whose use-name is Sparrowhawk, is sent to the island of Roke to learn the true way of magic. A natural magician, Ged becomes an Archmage… Continue Reading Posted in: Earthsea (Imaginary Place), Fantasy Fiction, Women Priests

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