The Day of the Jackal

Author: Frederick Forsyth

One of the most celebrated thrillers ever written, The Day of the Jackal is the electrifying story of the struggle to catch a killer before it’s too late.It is 1963 and an anonymous Englishman has been hired by the Operations Chief of the O.A.S. to murder General de Galle. A failed attempt in the previous year means the target will be nearly impossible to get to. But this….Read More

10 Books Similar to The Day of the Jackal

The Fourth Protocol

Professional thief Jim Rawlings breaks into the apartment of a senior civil servant, and unintentionally discovers stolen top secret documents. Although one of the most notorious thieves in London, he… Continue Reading Posted in: Adventure Stories, Espionage, Intelligence Officers, Soviet

Game, Set and Match: Mexico Set, Berlin Game AND London Match

Compiles three bestselling novels from this king of suspense, London Match, Berlin Game, and Mexico Set, which all exemplify the author's typical themes of corruption, espionage, and double agents. Continue Reading Posted in: English, English Fiction, Fiction In English, Spies & Political Thrillers, Spy Stories

The Odessa File

Can you forgive the past?It's 1963 and a young German reporter has been assigned the suicide of a holocaust survivor. The news story seems straighforward, this is a tragic insight… Continue Reading Posted in: Concentration Camps, English Fiction, Illegal Arms Transfers

The Dogs of War

An astonishing discovery is made in the remote African republic of Zangaro, one which could change the course of a nation's history forever. But such a discovery cannot be kept… Continue Reading Posted in: Assassination, Suspense Fiction, Terrorism

The Moon’s a Balloon

One of the bestselling memoirs of all time, David Niven's The Moon's a Balloon is an account of one of the most remarkable lives Hollywood has ever seen.Beginning with the… Continue Reading Posted in: Acting, Actor & Entertainer Biographies, England, Films (Motion Pictures)

The Negotiator

The kidnapping of a young man on a country road in Oxfordshire is but the first brutal step in a ruthless plan to force the President of the United States… Continue Reading Posted in: Espionage Thrillers, Fiction In English 1945 Texts, Kidnapping


It is 1999 and Russia is on the edge of total implosion. Social and moral order has collapsed and what small semblance of control there is, is being imposed by… Continue Reading Posted in: Russia (Federation) Moscow, Suspense Fiction, Thrillers


A young American aid volunteer, Ricky Colenso, is brutally murdered in former Yugoslavia. His grandfather, the Canadian billionaire Steven Edmond, is bent on revenge. The quest to find Ricky's murderer… Continue Reading Posted in: Military Thrillers, Political Thrillers, Revenge, Suspense Fiction, Terrorism

Eye of the Needle

One enemy spy knows the secret of the Allies' greatest deception, a brilliant aristocrat and ruthless assassin—code name: "The Needle"—who holds the key to the ultimate Nazi victory. Only one… Continue Reading Posted in: 1939 1945, Historical German Fiction, Historical Scottish Fiction, Secret Service, Spies, World War

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