The Fire Within (Fire Star Trilogy)

Author: Chris d’Lacey

David’s new lodgings have a magical atmosphere…….Read More

6 Books Similar to The Fire Within (Fire Star Trilogy)

The Rescue (Guardians of Ga’Hoole)

Ever since Soren was kidnapped and taken to the St Aegolius School for Orphaned Owls, he has longed to see his sister Eglantine again. Now Eglantine is back in Soren's… Continue Reading Posted in: Children's Bird Books (Books), Children's Fantasy & Magic Books

Madame de Pompadour

When Madame de Pompadour became the mistress of Louis XV, no one expected her to retain his affections for long. A member of the bourgeoisie rather than an aristocrat, she… Continue Reading Posted in: Biography, History, Nonfiction

Forest of Secrets (Warrior Cats)

Allegiances are shifting among the Clans of warrior cats that roam the forest. With tensions so delicately balanced, former friends can become enemies overnight, and some cats are willing to… Continue Reading

Rising Storm

Fire alone can save our clan...Fireheart's traitorous enemy Tigerclaw has been vanquished and exiled from ThunderClan; but Fireheart can't shake the feeling that he's lurking out there in the forest,… Continue Reading Posted in: Children's Stories, Fantasy Fiction

Icefire (Fire Star Trilogy)

This is the sequel to 'The Fire Within' which continues the story of student, David Rain, and his life in the Pennykettle household. David begins a research project on the… Continue Reading Posted in: Arctic Regions, Children's Books on Friendship, Children's Dragon Stories, Children's Stories, Juvenile Fiction

The Fire Ascending

Author: Sorry we couldn’t find a book description. Please use the goodreads and/or amazon links on the book page to read more.....Read More Amazon goodreads Review this Book See All… Continue Reading Posted in: Children's Dragon, Children's Dragon Stories, Children's Stories, Dragons, Fantasy Fiction, Unicorn & Mythical Stories

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